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    Upstox web platform multiple tabs?

    Doesn't upstox support multiple tabs like zerodha kite. ? All the charts are opening in the same window along with orderbook, position etc making the the screen very cluttered.There is no option to popout chart in a new tab. How are we supposed to trade if we can't see ?
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    Direct mutual funds platform

    Recently several platforms have come up for investing in direct funds which charge monthly flat fees in place of the regular commission and take care of all the paperwork. Zerodha coin, Kuvera,, invezta, clearfunds etc. Can you share your experience with them good/bad with them. I...
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    Which is better Zerodha's kite, RKSV's upstox or Reliance's Tick?

    Which of these platform are better for an retail investor Zerodha's kite, RKSV's upstox or Reliance's Tick? what are their advantages and disadvantages? What are their best features which is not given by competitors? Comparison KITE UPSTOX Pro TICK Online/Live Yes Beta - Brokerage...
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    Platform for option strategies in NSE

    Hello , Is there any trading platform or software that can trade strategies as a pair in NSE like bull spread ( has call and sell options). If the strategy is executed by separate Buy and Sell contracts , I would need to maintain huge margin for the sell contract . Ideally the margin...
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    Integarated Trading Platform (ITP)

    A personalized financial dashboard which gives ready made back-tested strategies for intra day & positional calls with Buy / Sell signals, Target & Stop Loss prices. You can also test the profitability of these strategies before applying them on the trades, seems interesting named MOSL RADAR...
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    Hi Guys, I stumbled upon this website,, and they are a mutual funds distributor company. Was wondering what do you guys think about this platform? Or is there any other platform out there that is better than the above? Many Thanks! Ravi
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    Retail Algorithmic Trading Platform

    Other than IB are there any retail brokers in India providing online algorithmic trading platform with ready to order algos like VWAP, iceberg, OCO, hidden and discretionary, scalping, etc. Kindly highlight pls