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Waterbase Ltd
Below is the tentative EW count of waterbase Ltd. Currently it looks to me like have formed double three followed by expanding diagonal pattern and then impulsive down and then pull back as wave B. so we have wave C due. but wave B itself might be complicated like triangle. Unless it breaks below the end of wave A we cant be sure if wave C has started. If wave C doesnt go below the end of wave Y then there is a high probability that we might witness some good rally in 2020 in this stock and in the coming years to see it above 400 levels. The shown expanding diagonal itself can be marked as wave X for triple three. But thats an alternate count. Lets keep an eye on this stock till it progresses for wave C so that we can take the next decision.

If you have any fundamental views or technical views on this stock please feel free to share . It will be helpful for everyone to know different perspectives. Cheers
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Yes it is. its just because waterbase is trying to complete the above pull back but it will eventually fall and then might rise as per the count



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Uniform stamp duty for all states from Jan 2020
The Budget Bill will take effect from next year.

Type of trade / New stamp duty rate

Delivery equity trades 0.015% or Rs 1500 per crore
Intraday equity trades 0.003% or Rs 300 per crore
Futures (equity and commodity) 0.002% or Rs 200 per crore
Options (equity and commodity) 0.003% or Rs 300 per cro
Currency 0.0001% or Rs 10 per crore

This would apply only on buy side from what I understood.
As per the article, Traders from Delhi, MH will be relieved the most. Few states had a cap of max. 50-100, they will end up paying more.

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