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Following view only for my own trading, Do your OWN STUDY before taking any position! If wrong, pl share diff view :

BN cp= 42457.

BN intraday levles shown in the chart.
Personally would prefer for Buy on Dip opportunities - in 42200 to 42275 range OR above 42550 level - with PROPER SL !
BN cp=42700 +.
As anticipated, BN had a decent up-move today, once sustains abv 42550.

BN 42400CE nearly doubled !

Following view only for my own trading, Do your OWN STUDY before taking any position! If wrong, pl share diff view :

Now BN has given all-time high today and also shown Break-out on monthly chart.

So if this up-move contiues and ustains THEN ONLY 44444 may be on card in Dec-2022 itself - as IMAGINED in the chart.

As always proper SL is a MUST to avoid capital damage ! :)



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it can work out. the issue is the wide range bar which is closed in the middle has too much selling and the price is getting rejected from there on this time frame. don't know what is your fast moving average but to me, it seems the price has to catch its 10 weekly SMA.

it results are good but prices are already stretched. today morning I again took the long. it showed excellent strength on BO but got faded during the day on high volume (strong selling) and took my sl. I work with tight SL(s). any close below 20 MA with high volume and stock may become very weak.

keeping the chart as to see how it will behave but any new long for me maybe after breaking off the 1465 level and retesting
Right, even in best case scenario not more than 2-3 out of 10 HTF will work as expected, tight stop loss ensures that one big winner will overwhelm all losers. Although some volatility contraction is visible in daily timeframe.


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today i came up with a few nice rules for my young cousins :pompus::DD:DD:DD
even after suggesting them to go for option shorting, they is very greedy n high risk people, they only wants to buy options :pompus::DD:DD:DD
but they often get confused with targets, so i decide to make things little bit simple for them :pompus::DD:DD:DD
as it is my job n duty to keep them safe :pompus::DD:DD:DD
this might be useful for other option buyers also, so sharing it here :pompus::DD:DD:DD
mostly people get confused when option prices dont move much, n on some day it moves a lot, n then experts blame it on VIX, etc.... all this is quite confusing, so simple rule is....
see fast n slow movement of options according to days....
friday is slowest and thursday is fastest....
when buying option, with small % targets, targets r easily hit...
for banknifty, keep daily targets as
friday = 5%, monday = 10%, tuesday = 15%, wednesday = 20%, thursday = 25%

for nifty, keep daily targets as
friday = 2.5%, monday = 5%, tuesday = 7.5%, wednesday = 10%, thursday = 12.5%

these r just minimum targets, usually a lot more than this can be profit n also loss :pompus::DD:DD:DD
this also help control greed n give happiness if small small goals reached regularly... :pompus::DD:DD:DD
i hope this helpful to all option buyers, good luck :pompus::DD:DD:DD
3 most important things in swing trading as per my experience:-
  1. process
  2. scanning
  3. entry - contrary to popular myth.
one of the least important things is "trading psychology".

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