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BN cp = 42373.

As observed abv, BN recovered from days low to bullish zone and Done with Bullish trade , BUT HDFCBank is NOT showing any confidence to prop-up BN to upside.

NOW ON , I would be careful with BN LONG trades with proper SL, and may try to find SHORT opportunities on upper Resistance levels !
Seems BN also Emotionless - Not wandering here and there like a KIDDO ! - Just like a mum finger on lips - Shaana Baccha - from Option Writer's PoV !


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Following view only for my own trading, Do your OWN STUDY before taking any position! If wrong, pl share diff view :

BN cp= 42457.

BN intraday levles shown in the chart.
Personally would prefer for Buy on Dip opportunities - in 42200 to 42275 range OR above 42550 level - with PROPER SL !



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waise dip is expected till 210 to 190 zone :pompus::DD:DD:DD
ladies log and gents log, dono 300 se entry liya he :pompus::DD:DD:DD
ladies log 255 pe porfit leke chala jaayega for cooking, etc :pompus::DD:DD:DD
n gents log will keep waiting whole day for 200 :pompus::DD:DD:DD
this pattern always repeating regularly :pompus::DD:DD:DD
HTF on weekly is still active, now in week 4, it can still breakout within next 2 weeks to qualify.
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it can work out. the issue is the wide range bar which is closed in the middle has too much selling and the price is getting rejected from there on this time frame. don't know what is your fast moving average but to me, it seems the price has to catch its 10 weekly SMA.

it results are good but prices are already stretched. today morning I again took the long. it showed excellent strength on BO but got faded during the day on high volume (strong selling) and took my sl. I work with tight SL(s). any close below 20 MA with high volume and stock may become very weak.

keeping the chart as to see how it will behave but any new long for me maybe after breaking off the 1465 level and retesting

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