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have u tested same system on nifty or commodities ?
if yes can u backtest it for same
I have tested it on NIFTY.. Results are good though not as good as this.. However, I do not have commodities data, nor do I trade them..
Only if u can send me data for any respective SCRIP, be it equity or commodity, I will definitely back-test it for u..


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How were the results for Nifty?
The best I could find through my formula was 1250 points in the last 6 months.. Jan to June 2012...
However, the SPOT Nifty managed approx 1950 points..

If compared, 1 lot of NIfty with 2 lots of BankNifty, still Nifty has reduced profits.. SO BNF has outperformed NF..
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great results...other than april which was BE.. proftable in all months...
Please check once again.. It managed almost 420 points in the month of April...

In that file, check the cumulative profit figure..

ON the last trade in MARCH, it shows 2285xx and on the last date of APRIL, it shows 2705xx.. SO the difference is 420 points..(without considering transaction costs)


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is it possible for you to put additional filters so that sideways markets can be filtered out and avoid taking trades in such markets.
I am definitely working on to filter more things but it takes time to put things in place.. But I am sorry to tell u that I have not developed anything as of now to avoid trading in sideways markets.. Moreover, I am not thinking of it as of now.. I will give u a reason for this also...

There is so much news-flow, so much volatility.. Range Bound markets and sideways markets are part of it.. U cannot avoid it.. It is part of trading I believe.. Or if it can be done, I am not aware how to do it.. So sorry..!!

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