1. S

    Please help to finish B.com research thesis on F&O

    Im student from RKM Vivekananda College. Plz help me finish my research thesis on Derivatives. Thanks in Advance
  2. L

    Experience of increased futures margin since 2018 on profitability

    Hello Future Traders, I want to understand what has been your experience of increased NRML margins(for overnight positions) to your profitability. Last year July 2018 around, SEBI increased margins almost 30-40%. Do you people have started trading intraday to get more leverage or still...
  3. R

    Using VWAP for futures

    Does using VWAP for futures make sense? I've seen a lot of people use VWAP for futures which doesn't make sense to me. The reason is because VWAP considers the price and volume together and the volume in futures doesn't affect the futures price. So even if someone has a strategy based on VWAP...
  4. Y

    Exiting the sell put options

    Hi All, Sorry if it's a lame question.I am newbie. When we sell a put option a portion of money is blocked as margin. My question is if I want to exit this position (exit short sell position) before Expiry, do we need extra balance in our trading account on top of what is already blocked as...
  5. Trikaal Capital

    NIFTY Futures & Options Positional, Algo Based

    Simple Buy Sell recommendations for Nifty futures and options for positional traders based on algorithms. It is NOT based on technical analysis as that is a subjective field. Aim is to help you with making money, not to teach you because making a robust and successful algo may need years. And...
  6. tradefinder

    Intraday - Camarilla Levels - NSE Futures

    Hi Friends, I would like to share today's results of Intraday based on Camarilla. Today, I took following Intraday NSE Futures trades purely based on camarilla and all successful. Please let me know if you have any queries on this. Past performance is also very good. Thanks.
  7. tradefinder

    Intraday - Camarilla Levels - NSE Stock Futures

    Hi Friends, I would like to share today's results of Intraday based on Camarilla. Today, I took following Intraday NSE Futures trades purely based on camarilla and all successful. Please let me know if you have any queries on this. Past performance is also very good. Thanks.
  8. Hari Bhaskaran

    Futures - Buy at close & sell at open strategy

    Requesting feedback from Trader ji Members... But at close...Sell at open Here I have considered Nifty & Bank Nifty Futures. Buying a lot near day's close and selling it next day open. Repeating it on all trading days of the year. Back tested results are attached for 6 years till Jun '17...
  9. B

    50 Thousand to 3 Lakhs - Thoughts

    Dear Members, Is it possible to earn 3 lakhs from 50000 in a span of 6 months? I would like to achieve this target and would want your thoughts regarding my 3 lakhs target. Is it possible in 6 months, if not, then what can be the average ideal time to make this happen. If not in 6...
  10. M

    Hi Friends..

    I am Mathew from Gods own country :) I started investing in IPOs and in secondary market from 2005 onwards. I could not make good profits since then, but when I required money for house construction etc. I could sell my shares which was a good investment. Since last one month I started...
  11. L

    Currency Futures

    I just wrote this thread to know are there any trader who trades in currency futures.
  12. J

    Hello Fellow traders

    I started trading 5 years back in stocks and commodities. Then I started learing about options/futures market. I am here to share my experiences as a trader.I'll be ready to learn new things here.
  13. B

    Live Trading Journal - Nifty Futures

    Hello, I am essentially a swing trader staying in the market anywhere between a few hours to a few days (not more than 5). I trade index, equities and forex. I trade using S/R coupled with price action. I will post my nifty trader as I take them. Your views are welcome. Hope to have some good...
  14. S

    Daily Options an Futures Trading Ideas

    I am New to Traderji, can any one tell me in which thread i can find Daily Options an Futures Trading Ideas
  15. R


    Dear Traders, I am new to this site. I joined this site to learn about trading. I am a small scale investor since last 10 years. Lost more than earned. Mainly because I listened to the brokerage houses and tipsters. Another factor that ate my profits was brokerage. Since January, I have...
  16. A

    Quarterly Results: NSE stock futures

    Hi Members, I am starting a thread indicating the dates of Quarterly Results of NSE Stock Futures (only). please mention the dates of forthcoming quarterly results and related analysis. please feel free to drop in your comments and suggestions -Aman
  17. V


    Hi Friends, My name is Vipul Ramaiya, and I'm a CMT charterholder. My experience with the financial markets extends to 2005, when I first visited my friend who used to work with Sharekhan. Ever since, the markets have always fascinated me and I remain an eager student to learn all the time as...
  18. I

    What happens to price difference of various futures contract on expiry

    My question is : Today is expiry of Crude 19thFeb Contract. The difference between March & Feb contract is 60 rupee. Current international price corresponds to Feb contract due expiry today. So what will happen tomorrow with the March contract ?
  19. R

    In fut What happens to counterparty when you square off your position before expiry?

    Hello all! I am new to Derivatives. I know in order to close your open position you have to take the opposite position. But happens to your counter-party?? For example, --> On 15th Nov A long on 3 lots in November Nifty future that expire on 27. B takes a short position for 3 lots. --->A...
  20. rebeck10

    Direction future trading , using option as stoploss

    This thread is to gain your views on a effective stop-loss strategy I am proposing I primarily trade in the banknifty , which has a average daily volatility of 100 points. (positional trader for 2-5 days max). I take a directional trade based on news and some technical analysis factors...