Beat this one..!!

Hello all..

I challenge everyone here to beat this report with the same consistency..
With God's grace I have been able to develop a fully mechanical system for BANK NIFTY futures which is averaging around 900 points in the last 6 months.. I also thank TJ for helping me develop this system as this comes as a result of continuous hardwork for long periods of time.. Extensive backtesting and hit and trials, hardwork and lots of money being plugged into developing this system.. Anyways more development is being done and I expect it to get developed even more providing more points and even greater consistency...

This thread is meant to post all the calls from the system..

I take to call my critics to stay away from posting in the thread.. I have seen many a threads on TJ being stopped just bcoz of criticism calling out loud.. I respect the views of all seniors, mods and specially of the young novice minds who tend to comment on the system's calls.. I will be posting the calls on realtime basis and charts on EOD.. I am also posting the backtests results from AMI.. Those working with AMI will be in a better position to understand it.. :clapping:
what is the stratagy?

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