Astrological nifty

can I cosider Separation of sun conjunction Neptune in Jupiter home in Sani rashi Or sukra conjunction urenus in ketu home in Mangal rashi for fall in Crude oil...

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Can anybody tell me whether Nifty follows Bank Nifty or Bank Nifty follows Nifty in terms of trend finder.
cant say exactly,
may be both are independent to each other

but few BN scrips are there in N50
so infer yourselves
As on 14/4/2020, Sun is exalted, Venus in own house, Jupiter debilitated, Mars exalted,Mercury debilitated and
Sat in own house. So 6 out of 9 planets in extreme conditions. What will be the effect of this on share market?
Dont know whether this exaltation and debilitation has any effect on our market (or even on human life)
as I know a person who has 4 exalted and 1 debilitated planet in his natal chart, but leading an average life.

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