nifty intraday

  1. Bharat William

    Trading Nifty Futures for intraday

    This was an interesting answer written by one of our frequent forum users, Srinivas. Quoting his method: “The information that I use to take a Nifty futures intraday trade: Nifty close to previous close, immediate levels Nifty could test, Nifty 3 day trend, 5 day trend, 14 day trend, 30 day...
  2. Cubt

    Nifty Futures Historical Intraday data - 2008 to 2013

    Guys, There are couple of people who sell intraday historical data, however if we had put little more effort in searching, we could get these data for free of cost. I have spent a lot of time and gathered Nifty futures Intraday data. I have uploaded the Nifty Futures 5 mins Historical...
  3. healthraj

    RAJ MTP Trading diary based on RENKO FLOW Pivot Strategy

    Hi, This thread is to post the calls generated from Excel tool based on the RENKO FLOW Strategy. All the calls would be in SPOT price. I will try to post the calls during market hours. Otherwise i will post end of Day.
  4. S

    Astrological nifty

    Hello everyone, Please don't get me wrong ..... but the truth of the matter is that all trading in the stock market is nothing but sentiments. I hope you all will agree that nothing actually changed really when we dropped from 21000 sensex levels till now and God knows...