Astrological Analysis. Predicting the forex market.

Predicting the forex market is the most interesting part of the experimentation with astrological principles, since the results and the outcome is immediate or instant in many cases. It can be the most interesting hobby for an astrologer, a passion for a forex trader and a professional predictive tool for the analysts of markets, in the years to come.

Eclipse Solar 04-01-2011 09:09 AM GMT


Stop Loss 40 pip.
Stop trailing 20-40 pip.

Best regards.

GBPUSD and GBPJPY closed positions.

GBPUSD and GBPJPY closed positions.
Take profit 60 pips in each par.
We must find a new entry.
Eclipse Solar 04-01-2011 09:09 AM GMT

This was my first prediction the day 02-jan-2011,

Win/loss from eclipse 04-jan-2011 09:13 to 11-jan-2011 23:50 GMT:

GBPJPY 127.89, Today 128.91: + 102 pip.

GBPUSD 1.5551, Today 1.5577: + 26 pip

Dow Jones 11604, Today 11579: + 25 point

Best wishes to All.
My second prediction in this forum.

I think Dow Jones starts a downward cycle from 13/01/2011 07:05 to 23/01/2011.

Dow Jones from 13/01/2011 to 23/01/2011. SELL.

The use of stop loss is important.

Vimsottari Dasa (started from Moon):

Mars, Rahu and Saturne are negative.

Maha Dasas:

Mars: 2011-01-11 (7:46:40) - 2011-01-13 (5:33:47)
Rah: 2011-01-13 (5:33:47) - 2011-01-17 (18:11:03)
Jup: 2011-01-17 (18:11:03) - 2011-01-21 (8:05:14)
Sat: 2011-01-21 (8:05:14) - 2011-01-25 (12:47:51)

From 12-jan-2011 11:30 GMT to 21-jan-2011.

This chart is confusing.

The Moon is very weak and in opposition to Saturn.

I do not really know what will happen, but maybe ....from 12-jan-2011 11:30 GMT to 21-jan-2011 GBPUSD up a bit for about 24-36 hours after down.

I think in the DJIA is easier to win going short from 13/01/2011 5:33:47 GMT to 23/01/2011.

So GBPUSD and GBPJPY from 12-jan-2011 11:30 GMT.
Bullish probably 65 %
Entry BUY
Stop loss 40 pip.

DJIA from 12-jan-2011 11:30 GMT
Bearish probably 72 %
Entry SELL

The use of stop loss is important.

Best wishes to All.


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