Astrological nifty

I heard about this Chakra that this gives good result. I myself do not know about it. I am a small investor. If all technical methods are correct, than why are mostly persons getting loss? I read but not satisfied, so I started to use astrology.
Thanks for your view. Your view is right from your point of view.
Gain of 7% is minimum.
I depend upon astrology and when it went down, I purchased another lot and got handsome profit.

Generally I purchased 3 lots and more. One is sold at 7 % and others on higher profit. On back calculation, I found that this method some times this gives 7 % profit minimum, so I take minimum 7 % minimum profit in one or more lot and higher profit in other lots. But generally average profit is more than 15 % and I am satisfied with this profit.
Most of the time, planet produces up and down result in its time period. If one shows downward, than in next one to two star result changes.
At the moment, SIEMENS future is available at 1495.
SIEMENS 1560 CE is available at 13.75.
I hope this should give sufficient profit at this rate.

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