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    Gann Study Group Mumbai

    Hello Friends, I m learning Gann from last 3 years & found it quite fascinating, as the methods used are both Astrology & Astronomy which in turn gives us such accurate results which i had never seen in any system in last 12 years of my trading, i m interested in forming a group of Gann...
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    Stock Market Analysis Using Astrology

    Has anyone explored the possibility of stock market analysis using astrology as a tool for generating monthly income either in form of graphs based on astrology. Guidance and help of seniors will be appreciated.............
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    Astrological nifty

    Hello everyone, Please don't get me wrong ..... but the truth of the matter is that all trading in the stock market is nothing but sentiments. I hope you all will agree that nothing actually changed really when we dropped from 21000 sensex levels till now and God knows...