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    Ways to automate an Algo

    Hi Folks I and my team have developed an algo based on technical indicators and chart analysis. We've written it in Python and running it in two ways 1. A semi-automated form where a trader executing the trades from generated signals 2. Complete automation on a smaller scale using a discount...
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    Algo2Trade - Fully customized tool for strategies

    Dear fellow traders, I started writing my own code 6 months back, to develop and run my own strategies using automated mechanism via Zerodha APIs. The tool called as Alg2Trade Robot, is complete now and taking trades as per my strategy. While developing the code, I felt that there are so many...
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    HELP: Historical market breadth data for BSE/NSE

    Hello, I am searching for historical data for: 1) Advance/decline ratios Any idea how/where I can find historical data for at least 24 months? 2) Number of stocks trading above their 50day SMA (at least 24 months). I found a link on iCharts...