automated trading system

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    Algo2Trade - Fully customized tool for strategies

    Dear fellow traders, I started writing my own code 6 months back, to develop and run my own strategies using automated mechanism via Zerodha APIs. The tool called as Alg2Trade Robot, is complete now and taking trades as per my strategy. While developing the code, I felt that there are so many...
  2. I

    Need guidance from Amibroker Experts

    Hi friends, I am a small trader interested in shifting to the semi-automated trading method instead of manual trading. As of now I have a C#.Net based program developed by me which gives me buy/sell signals based on some mathematical computations on Bank nifty index value (data pulled from...
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    Successful Indian Algo Traders in a Live Trading Contest

    CompsoitEdge, a discount broker, conducted a unique live trading contest starting from June till August. Top three winners & 80% of the top 10 traders are using algos to trade. I am among the top-10 winners as well :-)
  4. Cubt

    Difference Between Discretionary And Mechanical Trading Style

    Quite often I get asked about the difference between discretionary and mechanical trading styles and more often I get asked which one is better. Unfortunately, as most good questions go, there is no simple answer. However, over the last few week I have been thinking of writing this article to...
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    Who are the brokers symphony presto is connecting users to??

    Hi, I am looking forward to use Automated trading system provided by symphony. Who are there brokers. I tried to ask them but they said they will reveal the names only after signing the contract. They said they will connect me to few of the largest retail brokers in India...
  6. V

    AFL for NSE/BSE/Forex Trading System. ( I can Help to code AFL)

    hello, I have got better working hand on AFL. If any body want help to develop the trading system for NSE/BSE/Forex, using ami broker......:) i will try to develop for you. if any body have Problem with you AFL and need help to fix or to upgrade or optimized it i will try to help you...
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    Automated Trading Platforms

    Please share thoughts of those using automated trading platforms on the NSE to trade stocks or derivatives
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    Trading Strategy Consulting & Coding

    Anyone doing trading strategy consulting &/or coding for system based trading using any software on Indian Exchanges?
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    Which software to use for automation with IB TWS API

    I am interested to know if anyone has experience of using IB TWS API with an Automated Trading capable software on an Indian Exchange. I tried NinjaTrader but it simply does not get feed from IB. Am checking out Amibroker now. Anyone know of any other software that can do this for Indian...
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    Reg Best Automated Trading system

    Hi Friends, This is Naveen... I want information about the Automated trading systems... I've written some code using amibroker(Demo-version) and back-tested it... It has given me good results... I want to test it in Real time and this is my first time using the TA Softwares... So Could some one...