Exposure Margin in fully hedged Option position

I was checking the margin required for fully hedged option position such as Bullish/Bearish Spread or Long Straddle/Strangle on an index using many margin calculator provided by many leading stock brokers. All of them are charging 3% (now 2%) of the notional amount as the Exposure Margin requirement. I feel this Exposure Margin in case of fully hedged option position is unjustified. In case of these trades my maximum loss is limited and their SPAN margin is almost equal to the maximum loss. This is okay. But I couldn't understand the reason of taking Exposure Margin in these cases which makes the margin amount even greater than my maximum loss amount under any situation.
For example, in one case the payoff diagram suggested the maximum loss I could incur is Rs 10k. Their SPAN margin was also around Rs 10k but their Exposure Margin was around Rs 23k. So total margin demanded was 10+23=33k. How can you justify taking 33k of margin for a max loss of 10k? What do you think about it?

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