1. H

    can we make our own trading platform

    my question is can i make my own trading interface(which i will make from scratch for my personal use) while connecting my kite api to it for just placing order and selling manually i am not applying any algo in it i just want to capture 1 or 2 points in options. i will be doing it manually...
  2. S

    Algo2Trade - Fully customized tool for strategies

    Dear fellow traders, I started writing my own code 6 months back, to develop and run my own strategies using automated mechanism via Zerodha APIs. The tool called as Alg2Trade Robot, is complete now and taking trades as per my strategy. While developing the code, I felt that there are so many...
  3. U

    Robust, reliable and replicable strategy framework

    Hello everyone, Robust, reliable and replicable strategy framework Robust Could be statistically tested Can be used to generate live orders Compare performance against expected vs actual trades to spot out errors Easy to get started without too much technological stuff (installation and...
  4. R

    An Intraday Trading System that actually works - Use it if you like

    I'd been hunting for an intraday system that is consistently profitable for so many years and have tried my luck with dozens of them. I've learnt a lot from them and finally have designed one of my own over the last one year. It's made me money in both bullish and bearish markets. Hell, It...
  5. R

    Any free intraday commodities strategies?

    Please post links to FREE intraday commodities strategies: http .html (70% success rate strategy) https strategy/
  6. M

    How good is this mean reversion strategy?

    I have created this mean reversion strategy for long and backtested in APPLE stock between a period of 2006 and 2016. These are the result All Long Short No of trades 77 77 0 Avg.pnl% 6.522415 6.522415 0 Len 3.350649 3.350649 0 win% 55.84416 55.84416 0 win.avg.pnl%...
  7. M

    Which of these trading strategy should i follow?

    I have created two trading strategy one which follows trend rules and other momentum. I have backtested both strategies in a universe of stocks which has been chosen randomly for 10 years of data. Below is the backtest result Trend strategy Momentum Strategy Any Advice NOTE: I am planning...
  8. M

    What are the different stratgeies fos shorting a trade

    I am trying to short some stocks and used a moving average crossover strategy to short it. But what i found was using moving average crossover for shorting creates more whipsaws comparing to moving average crossover long trades. Can you suggest any other strategies for shorting a stock.
  9. M

    What is your annual return percentage for your strategy

    I am starting this poll to find out annual return percentage obtained by different traders for their own strategy. The ultimate aim of this poll is to find a realistic annual return and try to improve my own strategy towards it. I have carried out back testing (10 year data) in amibroker and my...
  10. M

    need some guidance with scalping

    Good evening all the traders, i am looking for somebody who could give me some valuable guidance on scalping. i trade nifty FO Awaiting thanx GN
  11. R

    Ouch! Stopped!! How did it happen?

    Am sharing a price behavior pattern exhibited by some stocks that seem to be in an uptrend, which also traps traders triggering stop losses. Assume a stock ABCD is closing successively higher for three days at 298.25, 300.50, 302.00 Then on the fourth day, the stock makes a big green candle...
  12. thelifecoder

    Trading Notes

    Just to share my portfolio
  13. Ravi Lodhiya

    Trading strategies - How many are they? How they works?

    Dear all, I am curious about trading strategies. I would like to know about it. How many trading strategies are exists ? What are they? How they works? Any help will be appreciated. Many Thanks, RL
  14. G

    Medium to Long term Strategy

    Hi, What all factors to be taken into consideration for medium/long term strategy while investing in stocks? Regards Gag
  15. DiwaliCrackers

    How to acheive target 10 Lac in 1 year

    Hey Guys, I want to achieve my target as 10 lac before 1 Jan 2012 with moderate risk capacity. My initial investment is: 2 Lac in Equity Shares. and monthly capacity is around 18k.... Please let me know, how i can achieve my target , through legal way and moderate risk :)