Accounting Profit/Loss with Multiple Demats


I am in the process of writing my own solution for tracking and accounting management of my trading activity.

Heres a scenario and a question for some Accounting / Stock Trading Gurus.

I have 3 demat acocunts with 3 brokers (e.g. Reliance, ShareKhan and 5Paisa). I bought ONGC in all 3 Demat accounts and have sold it from all 3 Demat accounts.

While computing my profit / loss, should I consider the 3 demat accounts as a single unit or should they be 3 individual accounts?

The background to this question is:
1. In my books of accounts I have bought ONGC, albeit in 3 separate Demats. Can I consider the 3 Demats as single entity - Like a multiple warehouses but single owner ?

Unless an accurate accounting is followed, its possible that the profit/loss figures could appear quite different than the reality... (since I could be selling shares in Demat1 , from an accounting perspective from Demat 2, although that doesn't happen in reality)

Thanks for taking the time to read and a response will be appreciated


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