1. ProperSoft

    Hello, great to be on this forum

    Hello, great to be on this forum. I create software to convert transaction files from one format to another.
  2. shirajroz

    Stock market accounting in tally

    Starting this new Thread to Guide those who need assistance in book keeping for STOCK/ COMMODITY market Transactions in TALLY Accounting Software. Pls Shoot ur Queries on the Topic , will try my best. Thank u Shiraj
  3. K

    accounting in tally

    Friends, I am doing accounting in tally. I have paid Rs.6000/- for educational course and have proper bill copy of it. I intend to claim deduction for the same. In tally, under what head should i show this expense? Pls guide Karuna
  4. A


    Hi there, I'm an old hand at trading, but looking to change the way I do my taxes. Briefly, my accountant doesn't inspire confidence on how to deal with these transactions, so I'm looking to do them myself, using tally. I found a very, very useful thread on Traderji - highly recommend it...
  5. D

    Accounting of Bonus and Split of Shares.

    I would like to know the accouting procedure when the company issues the bonus shares or Split the shares. For Example, If I am holding 100 shares of Rs.50/-. The value of holding will be Rs.5000/-. Now, what will be the Accounting procedures in the books in either of the cases ...
  6. A

    accounting for shares in gnucash

    hi all I'm no accountant, but am using the open source software gnucash for formally organising my personal accounts including investments from 2000 onwards. While it has the ability to update and track indian share and mf prices, I am confused when it comes to entering the numerous...
  7. A

    journal entries

    I have started a partnership firm with trading of stocks & derivatives as primary business. Please post journal accounting entries for following- 1.intraday trade for stocks(& nature of profit or loss) 2.intrday trade for futures & options((& nature of profit or loss) 3.positional trade for...
  8. adityasaraf007

    Accounting for Shares in Tally

    I wanted to know if there is a way we can pass the accounting entries in Tally which reflect the quantity of shares purchased or sold.
  9. S

    Accounting Entries and Taxation for Stocks & F&O-A thread for settling these issues.

    Hello All I intend this thread to be the bible for book-keeping auditing and taxation of stock and F&O trading operation. Please add your questions and answer whatever you can from the questions below. Can someone please advise regarding the following: In case, one buys or sells a...
  10. R

    Accounting Profit/Loss with Multiple Demats

    hi.. I am in the process of writing my own solution for tracking and accounting management of my trading activity. Heres a scenario and a question for some Accounting / Stock Trading Gurus. I have 3 demat acocunts with 3 brokers (e.g. Reliance, ShareKhan and 5Paisa). I bought ONGC in...