1. U

    please respond

    guys I started intraday trading with rs. 1.5 lakh and I've already lost 1.7 lakh and I'm left with only 43k. what to do, I feel like dying.....it's sooo frustrating. help me out guys.
  2. Shivam DUbey


    “In this business if you’re good, you’re right six times out of ten. You’re never going to be right nine times out of ten.” -Peter Lynch :pompus: THE AIM IS TO :stop:" TRADE WELL, NOT OFTEN" :finger:
  3. M

    Square Off Nifty Option in Loss(?)

    Hi Everyone, I am verymuch new to Options Trading and confused for some of the trading process related to it. For Example my confusion is : If I buy 1 lot of OPT-NIFTY-31-Jul-2014-7500-CE @ 190 (190 x 50 + Brokerage) and if tomorrow it goes down to 185 and if I square off my position...
  4. A

    is anyone really earn decent money ?

    hello everyone no offense but i like to know is really anyone here who make decent and constant money from daily trading ?, i ask this question because i never met the one who even make profit from share trading. i hope i met some people here who make good money Thanks
  5. intellibitz

    2013 New Year Trading Resolutions

    2013 New Year Trading Resolutions My 2013 resolution: "CONTROL what you can. LEVERAGE what you cannot" Feel free to post your 2013 trading resolution and what you think about them. 2012 resolutions...
  6. B

    Taxation regarding F&O losses.

    Hi, I have seen this posted in many places, but haven't found any satisfactory response yet. So I'll post it here. I am a salaries individual with small capital gains as the only other taxable income. I made a loss trading in F&O in the last Financial Year. What do I gain by reporting it in...
  7. M

    Lost 50 % of my investment

    Hi everybody I have started trading since from the launch of reliance power & i have lost 50 % of my investment since from reliance power IPO. I think joining all of you and with yours experience and guidelines i will learn to recover the loss at least. Thanks all of you
  8. A

    Please explain to me how net rate and intra day rates are calculated for optionstrade

    Hello Everybody, I just wanted to know how net rate and Intra day rates are calculated for options trade by Share Khan.Listing all the queries as follows:- 1.Buy rate was 64.10,Selling rate 67.00,then how Net rate 63.77 and Intra day rate 62.65 derived? 2.When call 5400, 1 lot was...
  9. R

    Accounting Profit/Loss with Multiple Demats

    hi.. I am in the process of writing my own solution for tracking and accounting management of my trading activity. Heres a scenario and a question for some Accounting / Stock Trading Gurus. I have 3 demat acocunts with 3 brokers (e.g. Reliance, ShareKhan and 5Paisa). I bought ONGC in...
  10. theonedevil

    Hi all good people on this forum...(Please Help me)

    Hi all good people on this forum...(Please Help me) I am a new person to trading...and I lost a sum of Rs. 80,000 in just few days. Earlier I lost around 6,000 but in attempt to recover my money from the market. I lost around 80,000 now. (I was, and I am short on Nifty Future...currently...