software development

  1. F

    Want to build: RT Data Feed systems with HFT and algo trading

    1) Few years of trading/investing experience. 2) Few years i have been investing or trading in the markets. 3) Your area of interest - IPO's/secondary market/futures/options/commodities, etc and real time algo systems. 4) Making trading decisions based on analysis via softwares.
  2. S

    Custom Software Development to Generate Stock and Commodity Calls

    As the title says, I can see many software that generates intraday calls but i did not find anyone among them to be perfect for making profits. What I understand is, if you have experience and good knowledge about Market ups and downs then probably one can opt with their suggestions to...
  3. GainsOne

    Making and editing a dll file for amibroker..

    Making and editing a dll file for amibroker.. Can anyone help me with using a dll file with support of afl files in amibroker.. Will be of gr8 help.. PLS REPLY..!!
  4. R

    Accounting Profit/Loss with Multiple Demats

    hi.. I am in the process of writing my own solution for tracking and accounting management of my trading activity. Heres a scenario and a question for some Accounting / Stock Trading Gurus. I have 3 demat acocunts with 3 brokers (e.g. Reliance, ShareKhan and 5Paisa). I bought ONGC in...
  5. B

    Technical Analysis Software Development

    Hi Everyone My post should probably be in some other category but i could not find an appropriate one. I request the administrators to move it to the appropriate one if possible. I need to get a software developed for technical analysis. Which incorporates all the standard indicators and...
  6. A

    Free Commodity analysing softwares.....

    hi friends i m in search for free commodity softwares so plz help me out......i m searching on net for last many days but want able to find any........if any of u have information plz post here so that all the the frds who visit these post will get help. Plz with the names of softwares plz...