1. shubhamchugh

    Need help regarding Demat account & tax saving

    Hi all, I want to start investing in equity market. Please help me regarding these queries- 1) If I invest 1,50000 Rs. in equity market, that amount will be exempted from taxes. Am I right? 2) If yes, then how would the tax exemption be calculated in my scenario - * I got the job in August &...
  2. MewarLion

    Can Minor open the Demat and Trading ? Everything about Minor Investment and Demat A

    Can Minor open the Demat and Trading ? Everything about Minor Investment and Demat Account Children below the age of 18 years in India are considered as a Minor. Yes, both demat and trading account can be opened in the name of a minor child. The account will be operated by a guardian...
  3. P

    Transfer holdings from NRE DEMAT A/c to another Indian Resident DEMAT A/c

    Hi, I have an NRE DEMAT Account with HDFC Securities in which I hold a portfolio of stocks. Now I have returned back to India and I wish to open an indian resident DEMAT Account with another DP (i.e. non-HDFC). My question is: 1. can I transfer the NRE DEMAT holdings from HDFC securities...
  4. B

    New to trading - few queries

    Hi I am new to trading. I dont have any demat account till date. Planning to open one with rksv securities . Is it worth to open demat there ? Is there any option to get the initial fee of 300 rs waived . I heard if i sign up through referral or through partner links , fee is waived - is...
  5. H

    Best Demat Account

    I've been looking to shift from my current Demat service provider. Most of the threads in Traderji seem to be outdated. Which Demat SP would you recommend keeping in mind all the attributes such as: Safety of investments (incl. unauthorised transactions) Cost Reliability and Customer...
  6. M

    Multiple demat accounts

    Hi I want to know that if we open another demat account is it compulsory to provide information regarding our old demat account?? What documents to submit in support of old accounts. Thanks
  7. A

    Mutual Fund In Demat Issues And Doubts

    I am currently investing in MF by sharekhan demat account and it is doing well so far. I have following queries related to above method of investment. 1) What happens if tomorrow broker goes bankrupt or for any reason they deny redemption of my mutual fund units? 2) Should i also invest...
  8. S

    Best Demat Account Service Provider In India?

    Q. Kindly share the name of the company which is providing the best demat account services in india & why do u think they are among the best? Q. Should we keep demat & brokerage trading account separate from one another? because it is said that don't keep all your eggs in one basket.
  9. S

    Seperate demat account & stock broking acount?

    Is it good to open demat account seperate from the stock broking acount? Plz Asnwer Friends :-) For Example :- Demat A/c at Angel Broking & Stock Broking A/c at zerodha/rksv/Tso/compositeedge
  10. bharat1111

    indiabulls for beginners

    I want to open my demat and trading account in Indiabulls. Is it ok?
  11. S

    HDFC deducting excessive charges

    In May 2014 ,I have sold 15 shares of Indusind Bank@556. After deducting Brokerage Charge & other taxes ( In total Rs.57/-) , my account is credited by Rs.8397/-. Now to my surprise , I saw HDFC Bank has deducted another Rs.25/- as depository charges. When I contacted them they wrote back...
  12. T

    NRI trading

    Hi, I am new to this forum and I have been trying to find post pertaining to NRI demat and trading and couldn't find much in this forum. Is there an NRI specific forum in traderji? Specifically, I am trying to setup a NRE-PIS Demat and trading accounts. My experience with most private and...
  13. S

    Tax implications of transferring shares across demat accounts

    Hello, I have two demat accounts: Account 1: Single name - my name - wife is nominee Account 2: Joint account - wife's name first, my name second. If I transfer securities from Account 1 to Account 2, will it mean that I am selling the shares to my wife (even though it is a joint...
  14. M

    Overseas address proof

    Dear all My name is Mohamed Siddique working in UAE , I would like to open demat and trading account sharekhan broker. But they asking overseas address proof, right now i have no more proof here. Is possible to submit my company letter pad with my current working address as my foreign...
  15. NeerajR

    Could somebody please help me regarding accounts?

    Hello all, I have decided to take up trading. I am still a student. Although I will be learning a lot along the way, I have a few questions before starting out. I'm a beginner, so please bear with me. I am aware I need a SB account, Demat account and a trading account. Regarding my...
  16. M


    Hi there! I'm a newbie too. I haven't got any trading experience but have got a teeny legacy from dad(a few shares that I have no clue about!) I have a few questions - 1 What do I need, apart from a DEMAT account, to start trading? 2 How do I decide what to invest in -...
  17. D

    Which Demat account to be opened? SBI or Sherkhan.?

    Hi Friends... I'm new to online trading... Doctor by profession... Which Demat account is better... SBI or any other? Plz advice me... Thanks...
  18. N

    ny bank account not compatable to be linked with my Demat... help

    hi i am opening a online Demat account in sharekhan ,.. my present bank account can't be linked withe the Demat account,now i am left with the option of opening another bank acount in the compatable bank ( which i dont want ) ,or do the transacions through cheques ... what difference will...
  19. P

    Demat & trading account opening time period

    hi friends, I need to know the quickest time period in which one can open a demat + trading account & share trades. Also please advice on the best company to be with for this. I am a complete newbie to trading & I need to sell & get funds of my shares(which are in physical format) as soon as...
  20. J

    hiiee everyone.....!....

    Hiiee everyone, first of all I am so glad 2 b a part of this forum. i hv already went through som threads n found it so informative. I m a student n want 2 start investin. hv no experiance of investin n hopin 4 ur help. 2day i talked 2 a representativ 4m indiabulls n goin 2 hv my demat a/c wid...