Chartered Accountants/Auditors specialist in Options Accounting.


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Most C.A.s do not know or care to know about the I.T. requirements for Options trading.
The Guidances of the ICAI are quoted by I.T. Authorites but no formats or software is available.
How does a options trader get the accounts and audit of trades done?


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where are you from which city ? if you are in mumbai give me holla i will definately give u my CA address


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i am no champion ..charkra was invented by GAnn he never left notes how to use it
So look at chakra your SL entry and profit should match the rates in Wheel i call it devils wheel.

this is perfected
universal wheel

my earlier wheel center was hitted so that was not perfect but this should hold on nifty bank nifty both

Put your belief in this wheel wheel will show you way :)

== I will tell ya my angle HOw i would like to trade.
As per wheel Real bullishness will start only when Bank nifty spot will cross 29088
27168 be bullish confirmation your bullish buy should only come at
nifty spot crosses above 27168

and NIfty above 11088 real bullishness starts
are massive support
no trade if nifty not above 10608 and time frame to view wheel is daily .
and your buy order should go only when nifty spot crosses above 10609
hope it helps
and thats my way ...

ALL LEVEL to be seen at only 9:15 am and 3:25 pm only 2 times a day only
no middle time peeping

i am idiot looser remember that haha hopefully my yes bank trade of 18 goes 73 lol lmao
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price changed wheels changes now buy only if nifty crosses 10128 else no buying
unless you are dead sure share will do good

wheel rotated again

Now do Fresh new buy only if nifty crosses 9265 ONLY
current nifty is 8624
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