AAFX Trading 1:2000 leverage. Does it really work? Reviews?


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Max leverage I use on Hotforex is 1:100. What is above this level carries unnecessary risks for your trading, especially if you are undercapitalised trader and can't sustain drawdowns.
I keep making the most of their 1:2000 leverage. I don’t regret registering with this broker because this leverage is awesome. I have managed to increase my Fixed account to $650 using this high leverage. I traded mostly EUR/USD and USD/CHF. Of course, EUR/USD is my main tool. I chose it because it behaves very predictably (to some extent, of course) during news releases compared to other pairs. So, I just wait for a breaking news and it only remains to wait a little until market participants decide where to move and then I open a trade with 1:2000. Sometimes I need to make several trades, taking one candlestick or two.
I have just tried to imagine myself doing this and I should say that it’s extremely risky. What about USD/CHF?
This pair simply moves in the direction opposite to EUR/USD. However, I forgot to trade USD/CHF on another account and instead I traded it on the Fixed account too. That’s so good that you reminded me about this pair. I will try trading it with this leverage on my ECN account.
Yes guys, you are all absolutely right. 1:2000 is EXTREMELY risky, don't do that if you are not ready to lose it all at once.
On the other hand if you plan to trade with increased leverage, I suggest doing it on the Fixed account because it’s not so scary to trade with fixed accounts. Floating spreads and 1:2000 is a combination that can wear out a trader who is not psychologically ready for this. 1:2000 leverage is a great tool but you should feel when it’s high time to use it.
I have decided to have a rest from trading. For two weeks I have intensively traded on my two trading accounts. Now I have on my accounts respectively $292 and $770. Despite I traded a lot I also had enough losses and had to win back. Well, it’s not like winning back as gamblers do. I used a systematic approach and relied on a combination of pending orders.
So, I managed to avoid fatal losses and even increased my depos but not so much. It all exhausted me, so I need rest. Some folks still don’t realize that trading is not a sort of entertainment. That’s a serious work, especially if you work with this broker’s 1:2000 leverage. A really awesome tool that requires tons of courage.
I’m also already finishing my rest and get ready to get back to trading. But as I have learned, COVID is doing crazy things to the greenback. I need to think a lot what to do.
Perhaps, you already heard in the USA a new COVID vaccine came with dangerous side-effects and it put enormous pressure on the evergreen buck. We are living in the era when new diseases can move financial markets, thus becoming powerful market makers. We just should benefit from this. I’m satisfied with my last trading period and relish a thought to try something new, such as cryptos.
Something is changing in the foregn exchange market. I have noticed that volatility has drastically increased. I noticed that it’s getting hard and harder to trade on news because market participants react almost instantly and I often fail to enter the market on time. I temporarily gave up using 1:2000. That’s a great tool of AAFX, but I need to adapt to new changes in the market.
Yeah, I agree with it. I remember that earlier when a news showed up a candlestick first moved to and fro and only after a while it started moving in the direction inspired by that news. Of course, from time to time traders neglected something but as a rule the market always reacted to what was announced.
Today the market also reacts to what was revealed in news releases, but it does it in a speedy manner. I don’t know why. Maybe it’s because we are just living in the COVID era, haha. So, it only remains to get used to this stuff.
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