AAFX Trading 1:2000 leverage. Does it really work? Reviews?


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Max leverage I use on Hotforex is 1:100. What is above this level carries unnecessary risks for your trading, especially if you are undercapitalised trader and can't sustain drawdowns.
I keep making the most of their 1:2000 leverage. I don’t regret registering with this broker because this leverage is awesome. I have managed to increase my Fixed account to $650 using this high leverage. I traded mostly EUR/USD and USD/CHF. Of course, EUR/USD is my main tool. I chose it because it behaves very predictably (to some extent, of course) during news releases compared to other pairs. So, I just wait for a breaking news and it only remains to wait a little until market participants decide where to move and then I open a trade with 1:2000. Sometimes I need to make several trades, taking one candlestick or two.
I have just tried to imagine myself doing this and I should say that it’s extremely risky. What about USD/CHF?
This pair simply moves in the direction opposite to EUR/USD. However, I forgot to trade USD/CHF on another account and instead I traded it on the Fixed account too. That’s so good that you reminded me about this pair. I will try trading it with this leverage on my ECN account.
Yes guys, you are all absolutely right. 1:2000 is EXTREMELY risky, don't do that if you are not ready to lose it all at once.
On the other hand if you plan to trade with increased leverage, I suggest doing it on the Fixed account because it’s not so scary to trade with fixed accounts. Floating spreads and 1:2000 is a combination that can wear out a trader who is not psychologically ready for this. 1:2000 leverage is a great tool but you should feel when it’s high time to use it.
I have decided to have a rest from trading. For two weeks I have intensively traded on my two trading accounts. Now I have on my accounts respectively $292 and $770. Despite I traded a lot I also had enough losses and had to win back. Well, it’s not like winning back as gamblers do. I used a systematic approach and relied on a combination of pending orders.
So, I managed to avoid fatal losses and even increased my depos but not so much. It all exhausted me, so I need rest. Some folks still don’t realize that trading is not a sort of entertainment. That’s a serious work, especially if you work with this broker’s 1:2000 leverage. A really awesome tool that requires tons of courage.

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