AAFX Trading 1:2000 leverage. Does it really work? Reviews?

I got a desire to trade at the end of the last week but smth stopped me. I remember that I wanted to trade on Friday. I initially planned to trade some crosses. AAFX has got nice spreads for crosses. Anyways...once I opened MT I saw that it was too late to enter the market because I saw a sudden tumble on many assets, so-called waterfall. I really have no idea what happened. It all occurred without any crucial news. Anybody has an explanation?
CHF JPY sudden tumble.jpg
It could be literally anything. For example, marker makers could suddenly decide to get some liquidity on a certain price level and respectively they drove the market in that direction. They hunted for stops.
They drive the market to the nearest crucial level to get liquidity that can be derived from traders’ stops. For example, traders hold their long trades and their stops are placed below a certain crucial level. They really hope that when they place their stops behind that particular level it will save them from losses, very naive people you know. In most cases, market makers ruin their plans and direct the market below stops are placed. What does stops for long positions stand for? It means sell because on Forex to close a trading position you need to make the opposite thing. If you sold, you need to buy or vice versa. When market makers get the crowd’s stops, they get liquidity and buy cheaper. They don’t necessarily need news, although sometimes they uses it as a reason when they wish to do this openly, but they often do this unexpectedly when there are no fundamentals that could hypothetically justify it.

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