AAFX Trading 1:2000 leverage. Does it really work? Reviews?

I wasn’t psychologically prepared for such giant candlesticks on news releases. Of course, I saw big candlesticks before. But I have never seen such a fast growth once the awaited news is announced. What should we do?
Pending orders and that’s all. You don’t necessarily need to be a robot with a super reaction because millions of folks can click on the sell or buy button several seconds before you intend.
Just use pending orders. Place two ones: a selling order and a buying one. One of them will work or they will work simultaneously if you place them too close to each other, which is not recommended to do. Alternatively,you can place one order on one account and the opposite on another and be ready to timely close the wrong trade. Of course, it requires a good reaction and a great deal of practice. You may train on a demo account with this broker.
This time I followed your advice and used pending orders. Perhaps, you also traded that night when the Fed announced its interest rate decision and also told about probable interest rate hikes in the future. Notwithstanding the fact, we need to wait for at least two years for those projected hikes, the market violently reacted to that statement of America’s major financial institution. Thank God I used pending orders and the selling one came in handy. The price instantly dived without trying to kick out folks from upper levels. The market definitely did me a favor. Once I saw a rapidly increasing bearish candlestick, it only remained to silently delete my buy stop. As a result, I managed to earn $430. I used 0,4 lot. That was a good night with AAFX and the Fed.
I didn’t do what you did that night. I was having a rest. My selling pending order was triggered somewhere at 1,22200, I don’t exactly remember. So, I earned much more and increased my depo to $1970.
By the way, I had a desire to place a sell stop where you told, but something stopped. Goddamn hesitation. But I intend to earn on an upcoming correction. It will be for sure. But we need to be twice cautious when entering the market.
I’m going to open a trading account with this broker. I heard a lot about this broker, in particular its 1:2000 leverage. Another attractive thing in this broker for me is the availability of fixed spreads. So, I’m going to open a Fixed account with this brokerage company. How about execution on this account? Give me a prompt. Are there any lags and requotes on this account?
I have a Fixed account and an ECN one here. I don’t have any reasons to complain about both accounts. The execution is good. I don’t remember critical lags that prevented me to enter the market or close my trade. As for requotes, I rarely saw it. To be exact, I saw it a few times during high volatility, but it was a temporary thing. You know slippage and requotes can’t be completely excluded by any broker, but a good brokerage company strives to make it as rare as possible and this broker definitely copes with this task.
Don’t rush to use 1:2000 leverage if you lack sufficient trading experience.
I can’t say that I’m a big fan of night trading, but sometimes I like to trade at night. The major reason to opt for this account is that I hate floating spreads, especially when they widen. Earlier I tried fixed spreads and since that time these are the best spreads for me. I don’t need tight spreads, but predictable ones.
I’m going to practice my backtesting approach here. I will apply this strategy to major currencies, metals, and indices.
I opened a Fixed account with this broker as I planned. I deposited $650 and started to trade. I didn’t test this account at night. I will do this later. I wanted to assess it in daytime first. Certainly, I made the most of my backtesting. You know historical levels always work. You just need to be patient and wait until they are reached. The price can’t neglect those levels and respectively you can have a good buy or sell from this point. In general, I’m satisfied with how my orders are executed by the broker. I didn’t face any critical hitches that could potentially prevent me from timely entering or exiting the market. Now it remains to test it at night.

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