AAFX Trading 1:2000 leverage. Does it really work? Reviews?

Many experts still believe in the long-lasting correction on BTC that has reportedly started as they claim, but I’m not sure about it.
Of course, we shouldn’t take experts’ words for granted because they are just human beings and respectively may be wrong. I think that we should be ready to respond to any scenario and there may be a slew of traps and deceiving moves. I think that the best way to catch cryptos is to use pending orders. I’m currently pondering over it. I want to create an elaborate system of pending orders, but on October 20, I was lucky enough to enter the market at the right time when BTC hit 66980. I opened a short position on H4 and was holding it until it reached 58000. I closed it and it brought me $537.
I think that I exited at the right time too. I remember that I had a strong desire to buy somewhere at 61000 or so, but my gut feeling stopped me and you can see on the screen below how poor folks were brutally kicked out of the market. That was a pleasant excitement for me because I wasn’t victimized. Instead, I gained. I should definitely pay more attention to cryptos. Yeah, it’s possible to trade this stuff manually but I think that pending orders rule here. They are just to be a part of a well-thought trading system.
What volume should I trade as a beginner if I want to trade with 1:2000 leverage with this brokerage? Recently, I've been greatly interested in this leverage. I expect it will help me to start with a relatively small depo and then drastically increase it.
I’m going to trade currencies here, both majors and minors. The planned initial deposit is $350.
I don’t think that it’s unreal to start with the depo you mentioned above even using 1:2000. Approach your trading cautiously. I mean that you need to choose an optimal balance of risk and profitability. You asked the right question about volume. I think that if you want to trade currencies with that depo, you should trade 0,1. Sometimes you can enter the market with 0,2 but do this only if you are absolutely confident that it’s the very beginning of a long market move because 1:2000 leverage is very high and you can’t carelessly allow what you could do with 1:200 for example. I advise you to test this leverage on a demo account and you will see what to expect from it.
I agree that you should practice it on a demo account first if you have never tried this leverage before.
I traded with this leverage but with another broker and I had a different experience. I earned and lost a lot with this leverage, but I don’t have a black and white opinion about it. It’s just a tool that should be used wisely.
I think that it’s a good thing that AAFX provides this leverage because such a leverage size is not widespread in the industry. It gives good opportunities to those who can use it PROPERLY. However, my experience showed that I still need some improvement in my trading approach. Maybe your experience of using it will be better.
I opened a real ECN account with the broker. As I told, 1:2000 was the main motivation for me to trade with this broker. I really hope to make the most of it. Despite, I managed to deposit more than initially planned - $560, I try to be cautious. As of now I don’t go beyond 0,1 lots.
I think I will keep trading 0,1 lots for a month or longer. Then, I will see. Maybe I will increase lots.
I want to trade major as well as minor currency pairs, gold, and silver. That’s what I will trade for sure. As for other assets, I’m uncertain now.
I haven’t made a single trade yet. I’m currently working on a system of pending orders. I’m reading about all these buy limits, buy stops, sell stops, sell limits, etc.

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