AAFX Trading 1:2000 leverage. Does it really work? Reviews?

I decided to shift to smaller leverage. No, it doesn’t mean that I have given up, but I feel I need more practice to start using this leverage more effectively. So, I will use 1:2000 from time to time, but in most cases, I will work with 1:500. I guess, it would be enough for me.
I think it’s much more important to preserve my depo rather than to drastically increase it. Of course, I will work on increasing it, but I will do it gradually and very cautiously. From my experience, it’s evident that 1:2000 is a very effective tool when it’s used in the proper way and I’m glad to find such a broker who provides this unique tool, but I feel I need to slow down a bit to avoid unexpected losses.
You are right. There’s no need to hurry up to make the most of this giant leverage. You’ll catch up with it later with richer experience.
Guys, I’ve signed up with this broker. I’m very interested in this leverage. But I’m not going to start trying this exclusive stuff from the very beginning. I’ve opened a fixed account. I’m busy today, but tomorrow I’m planning to open one more account with AAFX and it’s going to be an ECN one. With these two accounts at hand, I will get down to testing 1:2000. I wouldn’t like to do it with one account. I guess I reach my goal with two AAFX accounts.
I was right when I decided to shift to 1:500. Well, it’s not so profitable compared to 1:2000 but it’s less stressful. It means that I can be much calmer when trading. You know that a cold mind is a very crucial thing in trading. When you don’t worry, you have an opportunity to make very rational decisions. As a result, your profits steadily grow. With this moderate leverage, I increased my depo to $867 and I very like that I did it in a less stressful manner.
Of course, I also consider applying 1:2000 for long-term investment. When I spot the very emergence of a new trend, I will certainly use it.
I also opened another account with AAFX Trading. As I told earlier, it’s an ECN one. I will try it later. I’m currently working with my Fixed account. I deposited $200 to each account. I have already made seven trades on the Fixed account using 1:2000. My experience enabled me to close four of them profitably. I have a mixed feeling of euphoria and fear. Now I realize how cautious a trader should be to use this extreme leverage. Soon I will test a combination of two accounts and this leverage. I hope it will be all right. AAFX has come up with a brilliant tool but it requires great patience and concentration to make the most of it.
I still don’t regret shifting to 1:500. I managed to increase my depo to $1300 and this time I didn’t use 1:2000. I just forgot about it, haha. Of course, I will get back to it but I don’t know when it will happen because I can’t see worthy entry points to hold a position for several weeks, for example. Of course, they should be over there, but I can’t find them.
It feels like I’m losing control over the market. It seems to me that when I began trading I monitored everything and opened many positions every day. Now I deal with several financial instruments. If you ask me, how gold or AUD is doing now, I will not know what to say because I don’t keep an eye on it. I can’t complain about AAFX, it absolutely suits me. That’s something in me that disperses my attention.
I know this condition. You are just tired. You need to take a rest. I guess you trade too much.
Secondly, your brain isn’t a computer, so you don’t need to control all the assets at the same time. I also had that feeling that I can control everything but it’s an illusion. As you gain more experience, you will realize that you need three or four assets to work with and no more.
I can’t say about three or four assets. I think that their number can be increased to ten but no more. Perhaps, you are right. I need to take a rest from trading because I often wake up at night with a nasty feeling that I didn’t place stops.
I like my trading progress with AAFX, but I need to optimize my trading day to let it flow less stressfully.
I keep making the most of their 1:2000 leverage. I don’t regret registering with this broker because this leverage is awesome. I have managed to increase my Fixed account to $650 using this high leverage. I traded mostly EUR/USD and USD/CHF. Of course, EUR/USD is my main tool. I chose it because it behaves very predictably (to some extent, of course) during news releases compared to other pairs. So, I just wait for a breaking news and it only remains to wait a little until market participants decide where to move and then I open a trade with 1:2000. Sometimes I need to make several trades, taking one candlestick or two.

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