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I don’t believe a lot in historical levels. Today we are witnessing crazy thing with the global economy and most probably we will see new levels and they will be new and not historical. I expect the market dropping to the hell. The US inflation may send it there.
I’m quite optimistic about this economic downtime. The humanity has survived many economic depressions and none of them has become the end of the world. Of course, the world is rapidly changing and now we see distinctive features of a new world. For example, we see cryptos that don’t generate inflation unlike fiat money. Just be attentive and try to earn on everything you see on the platform.
For the last time I have become greatly interested in cryptocurrency trading. Pursuing my backtesting approach for a long time, I mainly worked with classical financial instruments such currency pairs, metals, indices, stocks, etc. For a long time I thought that there’s nothing could be better than classical assets, but the last two years made me change my mind.
I saw that despite multiple obstacles such as government clampdowns, hacker attacks, crypto assets persistently climb up. I don’t want to say that cryptos are an inevitable future of the financial world because I’m not 100% confident about it but it seems to me that cryptos will not be banned, that’s for sure.
My crypto debut with this broker was lucky. I managed to earn $450 on tumbling Bitcoin. I could have earned more but I exited about half way it actually dived.
So, you shorted BTC on that mind-blowing tumble that occured on September 7, right? There was a big buzz about it in the network. Poor folks lost 4 billion.
Yeah it was that event. I heard that the tumble was significant a bit later because I’m relatively new in the crypto world. I was just lucky to enter the market at the right time. I had no experience in crypto trading. I didn’t know how to handle this stuff, so I had no choice but to try.
Later I read about that descend. Some called it just a planned correction. I guess these were optimists. Others labeled it as a catastrophe. It just increased my interest to cryptocurrency. I want to explore it.
This time I traded cryptos. Despite most of the time I’m used to trading traditional assets, I have recently realized that cryptos need more attention. It feels like the global economy has already recognized cryptos. Moreover, Powell’s recent remark that the US government isn’t going to ban cryptos is another sign that cryptos may join the line-up of traditional assets soon. Why not? Afterall, cryptos don’t seem worse than various derivatives as assets.
I guess that it all will happen soon. Perhaps, cryptocurrency will become regulated, not so much as traditional assets, but some measures will be taken by major banks and governments.
The only thing that still irritates me in cryptocurrency is abnormal volatility. I hope that regulation will somewhat tame cryptos and they become more predictable. For two days I earned $230 trading BTC/USD. It’s getting more absorbing for me. What I like in cryptos is that they don’t overload me with too many news as it occurs when trading traditional assets. You know that when trading currencies, metals, indices, you should be ready that the market may react to this particular news in a rather an expected way. As for crypto news, it’s a more predictable thing, which is much easier to interpret, although there’s no special calendar for crypto news. Something crucial may occur at any time, such as another mind-blowing tweet from Musk. That’s what I’m currently trying to get used to.
I was lucky to jump with both feet into cryptocurrency trading at the right time. I have tried many assets but for the last time cryptocurrency has become the most interesting thing for me on Forex.
By the way, I tried to trade cryptos on crypto exchanges for a while, but then I hurried to withdraw my money once I heard about a recent hacker attack. I think that it’s much safer to trade cryptos with Forex broker because they are harder to break in.
I think that the whole danger of crypto exchanges is often exaggerated by people. I think that today crypto exchanges are less vulnerable than two or three years ago. That’s just a consequence of the ongoing development of the crypto world.
However, if you are afraid of losing money. You can distribute money between several exchanges.

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