1. G

    Error in getting DATA in Excel from Trade station (5Paisa) Please help.

    I am unable to get the live data from the Tradestation (provided by 5Paisa). I have tried out opening the Excel in Administrator's Mode, and copying the DLL feed file to Excel installed folder etc.. But in Vain. Except for "Exch, Exch Type, Token & Symbol" all the other columns display "#N/A"...
  2. Mukr

    Improvements needed in Fyers web aka Trading view! (clients)

    Hi Dear readers and traders iam Murali Krishna and full time trader and i created this thread to discuss trading view (Fyers web) as trading platform and want to know about pros and cons of this to me as trader in seeking opportunities!
  3. 5paisa


    There are two types of brokers found in the market when it comes to trading. What are the differences between the two brokers?
  4. pannet1

    India Infoline (5paisa.com) Diet Odin Login Problem

    Hello, I am unable to login into odin. I am getting the below error. ERROR getting the BINARY versions. Have anybody encountered similar problems in other ODINs. Also how to contact India Infoline customer service. Please help.
  5. B

    Login Problems with Trading account

    I am not able to login to my 5 paisa share trading account and could do any transactions, ever since my account is opened. I have been sending several mails, and made so many calls, I have even requested by sending letters by post, so far I could not be able to login. My password got locked...
  6. N

    5paisa - Charges that my RM doesnt understand either

    Hi, I am some what new to trading and am currently using 5Paisa's Trader Terminal platform for online trading. I am billed with the following two type of charges every month: 1. To Being Intersettlement/Beneficiary charges 2. To CDSL DP Bills My RM, who is a total jerk, doesn't know...