5paisa.com - Need Help


I have questions and need your help. 5Paisa support is useless.

1. How can I add company in watch list? I can't find the place where I need to search the company name. Can anyone upload the screenshot highlighting the place where I can search the company name please?

2. How can I transfer funds from Mutual Funds to Equity? I didn't asked this to their support as I am not happy with them. Can anyone help me please?

3. Today I tried to withdraw money from Mutual Fund to Bank. I have 90,000+ but still I can't withdraw 50,000. It keeps showing error that I can't withdraw more money than available balance. Looks like their system needs to attend school so it will know that 90K is more than 50K. I contacted their support and waiting for their reply. But am I alone or this happened with other people too?

Honestly, I am not happy with 5Paisa.