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Hello everyone! It’s great to be in touch with traders of India in TraderJi.com. To clear out, why X-Trade Brokers India Team decided to appear on this forum, let us give you some introduction below. At the same time we want to stress that our posts will not have an advertising aim and no advertisements will show up in any of our messages.

1) Your trading/investing experience
XTB India has started offering services in India since January 2010, however, our presence in global markets has been since 2002. X-Trade Brokers Dom Maklerski S.A. is a licensed brokerage house operating according to the European Union Directive and is regulated by 16 EU countries.

2) The number of years you have been investing or trading in the markets.
The history of the X-Trade group dates back to 2002 and the establishment of X-Trade Ltd. From that moment we have continued to develop successful relations with our clients.
To show our commitment in top class service and technology, X-Trade Brokers has become a partner of Vodafone McLaren Mercedes F1™ Team, and our logo (‘XTB’) appears on the overalls of reigning World Champion Jenson Button and 2008 World Champion Lewis Hamilton, as well as on the upper engine cover of the Vodafone McLaren Mercedes MP4-25 Formula-1 car.

3) Your area of interest - IPO's/secondary market/futures/options/commodities, etc.
XTB India takes immense interest in creating the most effective and convenient environment for trading derivatives on FOREX, Commodities and Equity OTC markets. We also take various steps to take care of our Clients, from their first experience with OTC market.

4) How do you make your trading decisions.
With the help of our team of global analysts, XTB India analyses Financial Markets everyday and basing on fundamentals and technicals – issues market comments. We comprise of a team of global analysts from India, China, Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Germany, Ukraine, Spain, France and Romania.

5) How you discovered this forum.
‘Traderji.com’ being one of the leading web-sites in online community for Indian investors, was referred to XTB India, by a lot of our clients. They also recommended XTB India, to be present in this community and help out everyone who may need a professional outlook to trade in the Financial Markets. Our presence here only establishes the fact that we would like to share our opinions and suggestions, which are backed by years of experience which we have gathered in our tenure of being present in Global Markets. We adopted our customers’ suggestion such that it could be beneficial to all the individual investors who may have any kind of confusion relating to the Financial Markets.
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