Algorithmic trading

Hi Raghav, I suggest you take a look at it's a free tool try build algo strategies with some good guides on there. It's invite only for now and only works on FTSE100 stocks, but you can build strategies for free, do backtesting and see what instructions to follow so it's a good place to learn and test our your ideas. If you follow a strategy that performs well in the backtesting period you can expect it to perform well for some time in the future, although there is no guarantee and you can lose money as well as make a profit.


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Can anyone explain the basics & working of Algo trading? How it works & How it generates profits?

You have to learn coding first. Preferably python since it is has optimal balance between learning curve and efficiency&flexibility. Then you have to have a trading idea (maybe based on technical indicators) which you should backtest on historical prices to see it performance. Then you can deploy it on live account.

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