technical analysis

  1. P

    Technical Charts by Economic Times [Advanced, Real-time, Free]

    Economic Times now offers one of the most advanced & user-friendly Techncial Charts Checkout: It offers: [1] Real-Time End of the Day and Intraday Data across all Stocks & Indices (NSE & BSE) [2] Multiple Chart Types (Candles...
  2. E

    Scanner/Screener websites

    Hi , i wanted to ask about Websites that Scan/Screen stocks based on defined indicator parameters. Currently i use many different website yet unable to get desired output. Any advice?
  3. E

    Free Technical Analysis Software

    Hi everyone, i wanted to ask others about Free Technical Analysis Software. It should have all basic indicators like MACD,Force index,ADX,RSI etc with ability to change parameters and create new indicators. Ability to scan/screen watchlist based on user defines indicator parameters is vital...
  4. B

    Hello everyone...Looking forward

    Hi, I am here with an objective to learn the stock trading. Particularly I am interested in Option and Future trading and would welcome valuable suggestion and inputs. I have got no of queries and would like share the same.:clap: With thanks & regards bbsrtrade
  5. P

    Amibroker and its applications?

    Hi, I have been trading equities for a while now but it is purely on instinct and common sense. I want to trade professionally, I saw an ad from about a 2 days workshop on AMIBROKER. I wanted to know, 1) is amibroker a useful tool for trading? 2) is a 2 day workshop...
  6. Kodene

    Navigating the Parts of the Charts

    In forex trading, we use indicators and rabbits feet, EAs and blind faith to inform our trading strategy. Me, I'm arriving a little late to the chart party. Line chart, bar char and candlestick chart analysis and now I'm looking at Japanese candlestick pattern. A candle actually tells us...
  7. S

    Hello friends!!!

    Hi friends, I am an IT professional. I started investing since 2000 as my first job was related to it. Later I met few colleagues and did extensive trading in 2003, where mainly the tips were given by valuenotes site. It wasn't bad. Later, I started heavy trading and lost in 2006, this was...
  8. T

    How can the elections influence the market.

    I have been hearing lot of things about the influence of elections over the market. People, Traders, Speculators and at last even the politicians say a lot of aspects on elections which will influence the market. Lets have a discussion on these, so that we can have a greater visibility over the...
  9. V

    Need Freelancing Writer For Full Time

    We are looking for some freelance writers for a long term project. It's a daily job of Technical Analysis of US stocks. We would need 20 articles (300 words per article). It will take about 6-6.5 hours daily. Payment will be done on weekly basis. [5 days a week job. No work for Sat-Sun]. and you...
  10. M

    Taking the time out

    Hi, I started trading about a month back. I am interested in learning about the technical analysis and other concepts here. but I am confused as trading is not my primary profession. so I like to ask you guys, how much time I should spend per day to learn these concepts and apply in...
  11. K

    common gaps

    Hello Friends, I had earlier asked for some good resources to learn gaps. Many of you were very generous to help me on this. Thank you for it. I have one more doubt with regard to COMMON GAPS. In your experience, in how many days are these common gaps filled? Thanks! Karuna
  12. K


    Hi Friends, I have heard that gaps are the most profitable areas of profit. However, I don't know how to profit from gaps. Can you recommend any person/book/resource whom I can follow/read to understand how gaps can be used to profit. Thanks. Karuna
  13. N

    Trading Methodology, reasons and insights into why TA fails.

    Hello, Was having a discussion in another thread, just posting a new one to keep it more open to newbies and comments/opinions/advice from older/experienced members. Realistic Goal Just something very basic, but at the start of learning TA, this is an essential piece which I see most...
  14. A

    Big Data in Technical Analysis

    I am new to Technical Analysis. In what ways Big Data (social media, news feeds, more fine grained quant data etc) can be useful for technical analysis. Can this data source be another parameter in chart analysis? I am thinking of putting together a software which does this. Wanted some inputs...
  15. S

    Spirituality & Successful Trading

    Hi , Came across this really interesting workshop in Bangalore- Spirituality & Successful Trading. My frd who attended it was really excited. I also found the ad for this course on bangalore. Basically, the old Indian sanskrit teachings applied to stock market !! Indeed our vedas...
  16. N

    Powerful Stocks Scanner Keystocks-Lite Available for free

    Hi Guyz , Although i am user of paid version of this software , but found this free version also available today on their website so posting this information here. Keystocks guy has launched free version of its scanner but only for daily charts. If you want to own this software you...
  17. H

    seasons greetings

    Hello everyone, My Name is Vardhman Mehta and i am from Jaipur. I am a technical Trader and I trade Stocks, Currency and commodities.
  18. Z

    I need to learn Technical Analysis in Delhi

    Hi, I am new to this forum. I have lost so much money in stocks, by following TV experts. Now I need to learn Technical analysis, so that I can understand entry and exit time. And I can analyze stock myself. I am from Delhi, I need to know a good institute or private instructor in...
  19. omufrench

    Amit's Trading Diary and Notes

    Hi, My name is Amit. I am attempting to maintain a trading diary here. I will be logging my trades and breakup of portfolio for everyone to see. Please feel free to comment as these will help me become a better trader. My portfolio : GOLDBEES = 85.40% AUROPHARMA = 17.95% NIFTY 5200...
  20. M

    Hi All

    hi All, I am new to Traderji. I went through some post and it is very interesting to see the knowledge that his being shared in this site. It is my good time that I have joined Traderji and looking forward to get enlightened in the world of trading. I am not a very active trader so far and...