technical analysis

  1. G

    Any blogs on technical analysis

    Hi can some one suggest good blogs on swing trading and technical analysis? or website with good articles
  2. V

    utility of technical analysis

    I have read a lot on technical analysis. I am small investor investing for short time about a month to 3 months to get very moderate profit of 7-10%. I base my decision mainly on MACD divergence and simple chart patterns. I succeed sometimes and sometimes I fail. Now does not technical...
  3. SeM0s

    NIFTY - February 15, 2010

    Summary Long term outlook: Up Medium Term Outlook: Down Short Term Outlook: Sideways to Down Long Term Revision Point: Break below 2252 Potential Longer Term Targets: 6357 and above Highs/Lows: Last 30 days: 5310.85/4692.35, Last 6 Months: 5310.85/3918.75, Last 12 Months: 5310.85/2539.45...
  4. N

    Metastock Stop Loss System

    Hi, I am trying to implement Stop loss exit strategy in a trading system using Metastock. Whenever there is a buy signal ,I have a formula for exit also. Now in between a buy and a Sell signal I may have an unfavourable drawdown which i want to minimise by exiting the trade with a stop...
  5. ioshean

    trading calls frauad??????

    daily iam follwing trading calls in diffrent technical analysts report for last 2 years i had paid nearly 10,000 rs month also for trading calls still now i did"t undrstand why their calls hit stop loss? one person tell to me they paid monthly 50,000 per calls it is 100% operator...
  6. N

    Any Good Courses ...?

    Hi Guys & Gals ... this is my first thread. Hi, and good to make your acquaintance. I am relatively new to equity trading and investing, but am ambitious enough to become more proficient. Can any of you help me with identifying some well-structured and comprehensive courses or individuals that...
  7. V

    Investment Call(=<6 months)

    I am new to this forum and registered today itself, so thought of doing inaugral of my thread for long term investment believer so as to have at least +20% gains after a lot of mind churning. Brief drawbacks/anamolies of margin & future trading: Many a time we try to time the market which...
  8. SaravananKS

    Money Making Algorithms

    The prime Purpose of this thread is to develop a money making algorithm using both computed (ie automated) or using human Knowledge through experience. One can make money using any of following 1. Using Technicals Indicators (MA,RSI) 2. Using Forecasting tools(Gann, Elliot wave) 3...
  9. S

    Newbie interested in learning TA & Trading Strategies

    Hello All I am a newbie to trading, tough have been a buy & hold investor for long. I am interested in learning Technical Analysis & Trading Strategies (Entries & Exits for semi automated buy/sell signal generation or fully automated trading) in full day intensive Classroom setting...
  10. ambivns

    I want to learn tchnical analysis

    hi all, I am beginner and recently lost some money in market. So I decided to learn technical analysis. but i don't have any idea from where to start. Please guide me. thanks
  11. B

    Hello Everyone

    Good day! I am new in this community. Hoping to learn more about how to interface with the BSE datafeed in our Stock Charting software. We are offering our Stock Analysis platform in the US interfaced with Comtrex datafeed. Want to know more about how BSE works or other vendors who provide...
  12. T

    NSE BSE Live Quote Utility

    Dear Friend, Hello. I have recently come across a very innovative concept. It is new software that is helpful to anybody associated with the capital market. It is useful for Brokers, Sub-Brokers, Analysts, Students, and every other person associated with the capital market. It is...
  13. V

    Do you believe in Analyst?

    Trading according to the technical analyst is how far good?
  14. D

    The Essence of Moving Average

    Written by Dilip Patel Contact: [email protected] Lets study how a simple technical indicator is helpful to take a decision: Simple Moving Average (SMA) of 5 days, 10 days, 30 days and 60 days are being taken into consideration. It is to be kept in mind that this is a lagging...
  15. B

    Technical Analysis Software Development

    Hi Everyone My post should probably be in some other category but i could not find an appropriate one. I request the administrators to move it to the appropriate one if possible. I need to get a software developed for technical analysis. Which incorporates all the standard indicators and...
  16. D

    Market visualization software

    For the last few weeks, I have been working on a market visualization software. I call it Pluto. The intention is to make it open source/free as soon as it reaches a stable baseline. The target users for Pluto are new entrants into the Indian stock market and need free software to visualize...
  17. G

    Castrol Vs Tide Water

    I suppose someone might have done some research about Castrol Vs Tide Water Oil. It would be greatly appreciated if shared those anomalies technically and financially. Cheers
  18. R

    Thoughts on Technical Analysis

    Technical Analysis for Shiva Cement Hav a look on Shiva Cement Weekly charts, an inverted head and shoulder formation, still waiting for it to get confirmed. Pls leave ur comments as I'm quiet new to tech analysis.
  19. TFL

    Absolute Beginner Guide.

    .:|Absolute Beginner Guide for Day Trading|:. . . . An ABC for anyone who like to be a Trader Dear Readers, I have wandered throughout this forum and found no absolute beginner guide anywhere. Some of my friends in this forum requested for such information and so I planned to start an...
  20. TFL

    New Trader/Investor

    Hello all Traderjies, I am in financial & Software fields from more than 5 to 6 years. In these trading/investing field I have 2 years of experience. I am leaning and trying to develop more and more tweaked version of my trading system so far. I have a long term portfolio of stocks in my...