technical analysis

  1. omufrench

    Amit's Trading Diary and Notes

    Hi, My name is Amit. I am attempting to maintain a trading diary here. I will be logging my trades and breakup of portfolio for everyone to see. Please feel free to comment as these will help me become a better trader. My portfolio : GOLDBEES = 85.40% AUROPHARMA = 17.95% NIFTY 5200...
  2. M

    Hi All

    hi All, I am new to Traderji. I went through some post and it is very interesting to see the knowledge that his being shared in this site. It is my good time that I have joined Traderji and looking forward to get enlightened in the world of trading. I am not a very active trader so far and...
  3. sacha

    Free Technical Analysis Software

    We have recently released a new Technical Analysis Software called Stockalyze. Stockalyze Lite is free software without any adware or malware. It works out of the box and does not need any configuration or data subscription. It downloads free data from Yahoo! for all stock exchanges in the...
  4. A

    Mid term swing trading

    Hello Guys, Another thread on technical analysis. I'm creating this thread mainly to keep track of my thoughts based on technical analysis on stocks and indices. Seniors and other analysts are always welcome to post their agreement or disagreement on any of the post in this thread. Some...
  5. piyush.arora90

    Stochastic False signal??

    Ok now, straight to the point, i look at 1) 15EMA and 50SMA crossovers, for the direction of the trend along with 2) stochastics, 3) MACD(momentum), 4) volume, 5) RSI, 6) multiple time frames(1min and 5min) and i draw trend lines on every cycle high/low. forgot to add fractals...
  6. T

    NET Tech Photo Any one knows about this
  7. J

    Hello Everyone Here - want to learn technical analysis of charts

    Hello Everyone Here - want to learn technical analysis of charts Dear all i want to learn technical analysis of charts before going to the dearth of knowledge in this forum.
  8. G

    Support and resistance levels!

    Hi everybody, I started studying Technical analysis books to time the market. One thing that used to bother me and prevented me from reading it earlier were support and resistance levels. Let me discuss a hypothetical scenario, Say a stock had a support of Rs 100 last year at the same time...
  9. P

    technical analysis

    .Which type of EMA is better to assess the buying and selling technic 30,50,150 or 3,15,30 or 3,13,39. how to assess the technic of buying and selling on the basis of EMA
  10. A

    Tagline needed for our Broking House

    Dear Seniors and co traders, We are a 20 years old broking house in the name of D R Share & Stock Brokers Pvt Ltd.We are currently registered with NSE and by next month we will be registered with BSE,MCX & NCDEX also.We as a company are in very first stages of expansion in north india so we are...
  11. R

    Career in Portfolio Management

    I am a newly qualified Chartered Accountant. Want to/ interested in entering portfolio management field (esp technical analysis). What are the skills I need to have? I have no practical knowledge on equity analysis etc. Also my CA syllabus gives out only limited exposure on stock and...
  12. K

    Just joined

    Hi, This is my first post. Can anybody help/explain me how EOD data vendors transfers prices of Current-Far-Long Nifty into Nifty I, Nifty II, Nifty III. Can anybody have historical EOD prices of MCX products as Silver - I, Silver -II, Silver -III etc. ? OR how can I transfer bhavcopy...
  13. A

    about myself

    Hi to all , i joined trader ji just today, To be frank i know nothing about share trading, i will like to know wheter any free online interactive courses are available to learn technical and fundamental analysis
  14. 4

    Do you have a market for me to forecast?

    I'm flattered that many people wanted me to start a separate thread from the one I already started at "Some of my forecasts" (I guess it is okay to plug my own thread.) to focus more on markets outside of forex. I did some thinking about all that, and this is what I came up with. Post in this...
  15. K

    Trading Strategy Backtesting - Questions for the learned

    Hi TJ Members, I have come across some threads on this website that talk about trading systems, however i had a few questions about how do you backtest them. I am listing those down, if anyone could take time out and share their thoughts/answers. 1. What are the steps to backtesting? 2...
  16. D


    Hello, New here. Pretty old in market. Anyone interested in automated technical analysis and trading? Or backtesting? Would like to discuss the experience. Thanks
  17. F

    Cheap Technical Analysis Software for (MCX) Commodities

    Wish You Happy New Year Traders!!! Please recommend me a relatively cheap Technical Analysis Software for Commodities (MCX). I am currently using Power Indiabulls but it supports charting only for equities not commodities. My budget for charting software is Rs.5000-Rs.10000. Thanks for your...
  18. J

    Software for connodity trading...

    Hii all, Does any one knows any good software which gives us technical support on buy and sell in commodity Items... If so please give me the details on that... Also if having time please tell me your experience with that software too... Thanks in advance.... Suji
  19. K

    NIFTY F&O technical analyst

    Hi, I trade only NIFTY Futures & Options. I trade based on Technical Analysis.
  20. R

    GOLD- Bearish Engulfing on weekly chart!

    I am sure you are surprised by the heading of this article. At a time when most experts and no-so-experts are suggesting investing in Gold for long term (!), it seems that the above title may sound out of place. But then, only a couple of years back, at the height of the stock market boom...