URGENT help needed - Historical Unadjusted Price Data

*Very urgent* please help.
Can someone provide UNADJUSTED -- Bajaj-Auto price for July2002 and May 2003?
If someone can share NSE's database which is unadjusted that would be a tremendous help.
Here it is for Jul 2002 and May 2003
But you may note
- I cannot vouch for the data, moreover whether it is unadjusted or adjusted, so may check it yourself at your end.
- The date is in mm/dd/yyyy. So you need to change it as per your need.

If this data is adjusted then, a way is there

Download daily data files from some source for the required period and copy for BajajAuto data from those data files.
Man! Tons & Tons of thanks for help! This is what I needed.
Could you also please share the data source where one can download or get unadjusted data files like these?

Or if you can share entire nse data (unadjusted)? (will be a great trouble-saver in future)
I can tell you a way to download daily data.
Search TJ for ABCD or Josh1 (for download link)
Download ABCD
and carry on :D
thanks, I use it myself. But NSE is not providing data before 2005 it seems. Checked today directly and by using tool, both. Unfortunately don't have the backup like the one you have.

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