NOW trade terminal - Do you face any such issues?


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Hey Guys,

This thread is to discuss issues you faced with NOW software, and recommendations if it is worth switching to NOW.

To give some history:
So, on Thursday 29th October 2017 there was an issue with Zerodha with their OMS and as a result lot of CO and BO orders weren't getting executed, lot of people faced loses due to it, as they weren't able to close their positions. (Thankfully i closed my postion beforehand, but later noticed CO and BO weren't working while i tried placing new orders)

To be on a safe side, i moved to NOW - Used it only 1 day (very small quantity testing), but to my surprise and horror, faced issues right on DAY1 !!

No point in repeating what i already posted, but you can find complete details with screenshots here:

(Later i got an SMS from Zerodha: "Due to issues with NOW software you might face difficult executing your orders, NSE is working towards it")

In short (those who wish to avoid reading tradingqna):
  • I placed MIS SL-M order, and there was no way to manually trail the stop-loss (as the order didn't appear on order window)
  • NOW doesn't seem to support CO orders (In the order-type drop down menu, i can see only Limit, Market, SL, and SL-M are there). I know SL-M is similar to cover-order, so is that all?
  • My stoploss didn't get trigger
  • When i re-logged in to NOW, the "Net Positions" box was empty, it wasn't showing my SL-M orders. (NOW web version was showing it, but didn't find a way to square-off from net positions, unlike Desktop version)
  • When i called NOW NSE helpline, the lady asked for last 6 digits of my order number and said, the stoploss got executed and told me to refresh and re-login, which was not the case, and finally noticed i got delivery of those shares.
When i called Zerodha RMS (call-and-trade), they weren't able to square-off either.
(I was on latest version of NOW

My question to long-time NOW users, do you face any such issues regularly? My purpose of moving to NOW was to escape the issues with broker local software, and safer trading since i directly connect to exchange, but seems that is not the case !!

I really need your feedback
, if NOW has such issues as well, i better move to kite, which looks more user-friendly
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If exchange has issue what will you do? I have noted 2-3 incidences in recent past.


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It's better definitely


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using NOW since 2012, never faced any major issues. however I am old type trader, so I do not know about BO/CO......I think these facilities are not may customise some settings for your own convenence like qnty or lot, color change of days high low etc. only one thing you have to do daily after opening of NOW terminal, click file->refresh client .....and place a buy or sell order at far out of market price with transaction pass word and cancel it to avoid further this nonsense TPW during your trade executing.....I like this terminal very much bcoz it executes buy/sell order very fast......


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I re-tested today and these are the issues i am facing. Also i am unable to square-off, someone kindly suggest. :(:(:( (Although to be safe, i just traded in 1-2 shares)

1) I placed a 1 quantity buy order in PNB, and when i logged off from NOW desktop terminal, and re-logged in, the Net-Position vanished from desktop-version, but the web version net position shows fine. But no suqare-off button in web-version (Net-Position). As a result i am unable to square-off

But the desktop version shows Tradebook shows fine, with some errors.

I am unable to square-off, someone please suggest.
Thanks a ton in advance.

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