Most of us remember where we were on September 11, 2001 when news came in about the attack on World Trade Centre. My boss Alex K Mathews and I were preparing to leave our office in Kollam, Kerala for the day when I turned on the TV to watch CNN. It showed a tall building on fire and I called him over to take a look at what appeared to be a terrible accident in New York. As we watched, we saw a second plane crash into the tower beside it and suddenly we realized that it was no accident we were witnessing.

Later that evening, at the bar in Hotel Karthika, we discussed who could be behind the attacks and came to the conclusion that most probably it was the handiwork of Bin-Laden who had openly declared his hostility to the US.

Alex K Mathews or Alex Sir as he was popularly know, was a pioneer who popularized technical analysis among the stock trading community in Kerala and arguably in India. His daily recommendations were so popular and looked forward to, that even if there was a delay of a few minutes in uploading the daily report to the website, we would be flooded with phone calls. Predicting market movements and stock price movements was a passion for Alex Sir and he did not do it for the money. He was a man well ahead of his times. He could never stand cronyism and was never afraid to speak his mind on issues that he thought were important. This sometimes earned him the displeasure of some people but that never prevented him from doing the right thing.

It was sad to learn about the demise of Alex Sir who had not only been a wonderful boss but also a friend, philosopher and guide. My thoughts are with his family at this hour of grief and may his soul rest in peace.

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