Large/Mid/small cap stock list

thanks but this is index based stock list even i have it. I was looking for some website which provide all listed stock symbol list accourning to segment like large,mid,small
The problem is that most of the large caps are over-owned and over-analyzed. A stock like Infosys may have over 50 analysts tracking the stock (Angel broking, Motilal Oswal etc.). Where is the scope for Alpha? The answer is there isn’t. You would have made a fortune had you purchased Sun Pharma or Lupin more than a decade ago. Today the story is well know, which possibly explains why it is so hard to make money on them. On the other hand mid-caps have more focused business models and lower levels of debt.

But there is no list as far as I know that can help you with the split. What you can do instead is get broker apps (Kite from Zerodha, ARQ from Angel broking) that helps you identify a stock is whether small/mid/large cap

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