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    What is the difference between Index funds and ETFS in india?

    An Index Fund is a mutual fund that tracks the performance of an underlying index like SENSEX, NIFTY 50, etc. The fund manager tries to replicate the returns offered by the index without straying away too much. On the other hand, an Exchange Traded Fund or ETF is also a mutual fund that tracks...
  2. M

    Zerodha for Trading Vs ShareKhan?

    I am thinking to invest in Share market now, Is Zerodha good or Sharekhaan for the investment in Share Market.
  3. 5paisa

    Mutual Fund Recommendations - 5Paisa

    In this thread, you may ask about the various types of mutual funds you wish to include in your investment portfolio, and we shall give you suggestion with explanation to help your investment corpus grow.
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    Hi from kdotb

    Hi I am new in market. Is this a good place to ask basic questions about Mutual Funds? I have few introductory questions which need to clarify. Regards,
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    Free Mutual Fund portfolio tracker

    Hi everyone, I've built a free mutual fund portfolio tracker called SimpleMoney. I built it to help me track my own investments because I was quite frustrated with many of the existing solutions. My tool works by finding investments from your email inbox, and putting out all the data on a...
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    How many of you invest in Mutual funds

    Hi, This is my first post. Not sure, if I am doing it correctly. I just wanted to know how many of you invest in Mutual funds and which mutual fund do you think is currently best keeping 5 years of goal in mind. Thanks
  7. R

    Buy/sell mutual funds with 200D MA?

    Hi, Wonder if anyone here uses 200D MA to help in determining buy/sell of mutual funds? Is this method better than simply buy and hold strategy? Also like to know if other technical analysis tools such as MACD (Moving average convergence divergence) can be used, and how? I tried to search...
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    Target 20% returns on 1.5Lakhs in next 6 months - 1 year timeframe

    Hi Guys, I am planning to invest around 1.5 Lakhs in Small cap and Big cap funds. I have been investing in ELSS funds in past but now thinking of jumping to extend my limits and risk appetite :clap: and looking for your reviews. I have done my basic homework and my picks are given...
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    Review Portfolio returns around 6% in past 1 year

    Hi Guys, I just started investing in mutual funds last year to save tax and yield better returns than FD which hardly beats inflation. I would required you to kindly provide your views and guide me:hap2: I have started with around 2 Mutual funds after doing lot of research online...
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    Hi, Has anyone had any experience with How good/bad are they? Thanks, Satya.
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    Opinions on FundsIndia and New India Portfolio

    Hey! I was considering entering the investing game through investing in mutual funds. A friend recommended FundsIndia as a platform to start. I visited their website and it mentioned the New India Portfolio. Figured I would ask around on some forums and gather some opinions from more experienced...
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    Mutual Funds Vs Stocks.

    Hi all, My name is Siddharth Jain based in Mumbai. My first and last interest are stocks but recently Mutual Funds are interesting me :) I still support investments through Stocks only as they give better returns than anything else, provided you control greed / set stop loss. But i...
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    Question for NRIs with HDFC Securities

    I(Non-US NRI) recently opened NRE,NRO,demate and trading accounts with HDFC. To my surprise, I found out that I can only trade in equities and ETF on their trading platform:annoyed::annoyed:. To me this is a big big surprise, how a trading platform not allow MF transaction when all major...
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    mutual fund

    Dear Sir, I am in SIP for the below three MFs from last three and half an year. 1) Reliance equity opportunities fund- direct plan-growth option.Rs.2000/pm 2) HDFC top 200 -growth plan-Rs.2500pm/- 3) DSP blackrock small and mid cap fund-growth plan-growth option.Rs.2000pm/- my total...
  15. M

    SBI emerging business fund

    Is this a good fund to invest? I see the trend and it has lost quite a lot of NAV. Other funds in my portfolio are below. Your suggestions are welcome. Birla SL Dividend Yield Plus(D) Birla SL Frontline Equity Fund(G) Birla SL MIP II-Savings 5(G) SBI Emerging Businesses Fund-Reg(D) SBI...
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    Profitability Picture Improves for some Large and Small AMCs in FY12-13

    Growth in Profit after Tax, or PAT, of the fund industry remained positive for FY12-13. While the consolidated figure indicates that this growth was marginal, on an individual basis, growth has been encouraging for some of the larger asset management companies. Smaller fund houses reported...
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    Mutual Fund Data points provider

    Hello All, Could you please advise which is the service that companies like SMC or Value Research use for gathering the mutual fund data? It is quite detailed for the mutual funds. They are not just NAV and returns ... but much more data. Examples...
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    Hi Guys, I stumbled upon this website,, and they are a mutual funds distributor company. Was wondering what do you guys think about this platform? Or is there any other platform out there that is better than the above? Many Thanks! Ravi
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    timing ability &stock selection of mutual funds

    could anyone please explain to me the TM & the HM models of market timing and also the fama's as well as the Jensen's measure of stock selectivity? i require a detailed explanation, as to how these models are used to calculate alpha, beta and gamma......
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    Lower NAV or Higher?

    Should the Scheme with lower NAV be preferred over a scheme with higher NAV, if both the schemes fall under the same category?