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Hi everyone,

I've built a free mutual fund portfolio tracker called SimpleMoney.

I built it to help me track my own investments because I was quite frustrated with many of the existing solutions. My tool works by finding investments from your email inbox, and putting out all the data on a dashboard.

It finds your recent transactions, calculates the performance of your portfolio, and shows you the split between debt/equity.

Recently I've been adding more intelligent features to it, such as a feature to automatically calculate the exit load applicable on redemptions.

It only works for mutual funds at the moment, but I'll be able to add more investment types in the future if enough people find it useful.

Here's where you can sign in.

Please let me know if you have any feedback, it would help me greatly in improving the software!

Thanks and best regards.


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I wouldn't give access to my mailbox just like that, what's the catch ?
Any alternatives ?


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I wouldn't give access to my mailbox just like that, what's the catch ?
Any alternatives ?
Hey, thanks for the reply!

There's no catch - SimpleMoney doesn't store any of your emails or anything unrelated to the investments themselves. It just finds the statements, and puts the data out on a dashboard. It's certainly a bit of a weird way to do a portfolio tracker but it works really well because this way the tracker is fully automatic and always up to date.

I had previously tried letting users upload CAMS statements and so on, but the process was just cumbersome. No one used the product because the process was long - request a statement, wait for it to arrive, then upload it; took more than an hour sometimes. As soon as I started doing it through email, usage and happiness with the tool went up greatly.

It is certainly an odd way of going about it. But it works so well that I think it's worth it.

If by chance you're familiar with coding and Python specifically, I'd be happy to share the code with you if it'll make you more comfortable about using SimpleMoney.


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I feel more secured if mutual fund mails can be sent to my account in simplemoney. May be it is necessary to create an inbox and email ID in simplemoney. This eliminates giving access to my email account.

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