Mutual Funds Vs Stocks.

Hi all,

My name is Siddharth Jain based in Mumbai. My first and last interest are stocks but recently Mutual Funds are interesting me :)

I still support investments through Stocks only as they give better returns than anything else, provided you control greed / set stop loss.

But i would like to know various Mutual Fund investment strategies for wealth creation not the routine buy/sell. Reply me with your mutual fund investment strategies for wealth creation, for discussion.

Would like to listen from you all guys, at the same time if anything about stocks ask me :p

Hi siddharth,

Yes Stocks can be a medium of seeing immediate returns but it also involves a lot of monitoring which most of us maybe unable to do so.

I think mutual fund does a better job in that aspect. depending upon the goals you have and the time frame set you can get started with investments whereby u need not track its performance on a daily basis. you can have a custom made portfolio depending on the risk profile you have. your portfolio needs to be reviewed once in 6 months to see hows it shaping up.

I personally have set up SIPs for couple of the goals set and not saying for the sake of saying...its shaping up really well and am on the path of achieving the set goals.

hope my views on mf's have helped.

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