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    If I invest Rs.1 lakh today (when BSE is 19.5k), what will it be when BSE becomes 70k

    BSE is 19.5k today. If I invest in a mutual fund Rs.1 lakh now, what approximately will it be when BSE hits 70k?
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    HSBC Brazil Fund NFO Review, doesn't look much impressive

    Investors who are interested in diversifying in foreign countries have an opportunity. HSBC Asset Management (India) Pvt. Ltd has launched a new fund offer (NFO) called HSBC Brazil Fund, a fund of funds (FoFs), that will invest in Brazil. FoFs invest in other funds and not directly in the...
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    Mutual Fund Charges

    Dear Sir , I am an Indian Investor in Mutual Funds . I would be greatly obliged if you could spare some moments to bring me out of my confusion . I understand SEBI has instructed all Mutual Fund to stop charging the Initial Expenses which could be ammortized over a period of 3...
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    Kindly Help me

    Hello I am a MBA student and doing work for my Final research project, I need your help. Kindly fill the questionnaire here Its 100 % academic questionnaire and no need to enter any private information...
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    For all Mutual Fund investors

    Monthly Mutual Fund Report - August 2010 I am a regular reader of Mutual Fund Roundup, and these monthly reports have always been helped me in understanding performance of Mutual Funds, over month. And here is the summary of Mutual Fund Roundup for Aug 2010 In the month of August 2010...
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    Best Book for Mutual Funds

    My financial advisors seriously bog me down with the number of options available in mutual funds. Can anybody suggest me a good book which can help me understand mutual fund terminology in a factsheet and mutual fund documentation ?
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    independent selling agents for mutual fund and its products in india

    Hello friends, I hav just passed AMFI certification (Advisor module), conducted by NCFM. How can one start selling mutual funds and its product as an independent agent. Kindly let me know..
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    Mutual Fund portfolio for annual cashflow

    Dear Fellow Investors, I have Rs.18 lacs to invest and I am evaluating investment strategies to create a Mutual fund portfolio that gives me a minimum annual return of Rs.2lacs per year. My risk appetite is moderate and time horizon 10 to 15 years. Would someone, in this group, like to make...
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    Exchange Traded Funds or Mutual Funds?

    Which one should you rather go for? Give reasons for the same Adding poll too
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    HDFC Mutual Fund Online Services

    I have created a new account with HDFC Bank.In addiion,I have also created an investment services account with HDFC bank.However,when i logged in to the account,it seems that due to the new SEBI guidelines of the entry load waiver,the HDFC has shutdown this facility intermittenly.Has anyone any...
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    Try World's First User Friendly Lightweight , Mutual Fund Portfolio Manager

    NAVReporter is a completely free and simple to use software application to track your Indian Mutual Fund NAVs on a daily basis. It allows the creation/saving/loading of portfolios thus allowing you to enter all your Mutual Fund dataonly once and then tracking it as and when required. NAVs are...
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    Beware of MF Schemes!

    I have been receiving calls & SMSs for investments in MF schemes with whopping returns. When I ask them to give brochures or links for their websites for their schemes, I am told that there are none available, and, insist on clarifying things themselves over phone. One example is, invest 20k...