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    How to buy a diversified mutual funds

    I am new to mutual funds and i am confused in buying a mutual fund. There are many mutual funds offered by different financial institutions and i want to invest my money in a diversed porfolio. This is my investment scheme. Baroda Pioneer Growth (G) 5000 rs Reliance Equity Oppor -...
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    Assistance in Building a new MF Portfolio

    Dear All, I request your assistance in building a new SIP MF portfolio. I am closing of my Home loan in March and thus freeing up around Rs. 1.1 Lakhs/month. My plan is to start SIP in 4 or 5 MFs for Rs. 1.0 Lakhs/m My long term goals are (taking the higher spectrum): 1. Daughter's...
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    Help Needed: - Mutual Fund Transfer in Case of Death of primary and Nominee.

    Hi All, My parents recently passed away due to an Accident and while i was surfing through their belongings i discovered some Mutual funds in name of mom and dad. But when i inquire how can i transfer them to my name, i came to know that mom has made Dad as Nominee and dad has made mom as...
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    Request: SIP Strategy Suggestions

    Hi, I'm looking to invest through SIP route in Mutual Funds with a 15-20 year horizon. Requesting from fellow forum members who have invested in SIP for at least 10 years. Kindly enlighten me on the following. 1. Could you share details of the MF scheme you invested and gains made...
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    Suggestion on Mutual Fund investment?

    I have few goals in my list. One of the major goal is buying house which requires a down payment amount of around 8-10 Lac. Goal: Build 10 Lacs corpus in 3 yrs. Age: 34 Risk: I can go for High risk funds an looking for aggressive plans/ Based on my goal I have selected few Mutual...
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    Capital gains query: bonus from MF to be included in cost?

    Suppose, we have the following ledger for a mutual fund (liquid fund) MAR 1, 2013: Bought 100 units for 10Rs/unit. Total = 1000Rs Mar 23,2013: Bonus of 10 units given by AMC at 10Rs/unit. Total value = 100Rs Apr 30,2013: Sold 110 units at 8.2Rs/unit. Total = 900Rs Should the bonus amount be...
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    Mutual Funds Advice

    Hi, I'm new to MF investment. I need advice in selecting mutual funds. I'm 26 yrs old and I plan on investing 15,000 per month.
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    Somebody explain how SIP works unable to find the needed answer after googling

    Hi Friends, this may be a simple question to ask but couldnt understand the below concept in SIP (a) Power of compounding (b) Rupee average cost Please some one provide me link or explain with example. Lets say in case of Bank FD after each year we get interest and that interest is added to...
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    Mutilple Amt SIP Returns Calculation

    I am investing in MF for quite a time, with the help of the agent. I am investing from 2007, I want to know exact returns(Including Dividends received). I started with Rs 1000/ month, then after 6 months I changed it to 1500/month again after 6 months I changed to 2000/month. So How do I...
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    Mutul fund novice

    Hi Guys, I am new to this forum and also new to trading. I want to learn about MF from all you experts. I have purchased mutual funds and got the statement. What happens next? Do I just keep the statement? Will I get dividend? Will I get regular income?:clap:
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    Mutual Fund

    I am not averse to taking a bit of risk. Is there any way I can get a higher rate by investing in something different that traditional investment options?
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    Mutual Fund

    I have invested in equity mutual funds of 3 different fund houses. There is considerable difference in the returns given by these funds. Why?
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    What is a dynamically managed Fund?

    I want to understand what is a dynamically managed Fund and whether i should invest in it or not.
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    To invest in MF in SIP mode.

    Hi I am planning to investing Mutual funds through SIPs. I have a few doubts about it. 1. Can i increase the SIP amount without cancelling my existing MF? eg: If i start with a sip of 500/month, can i increase it to 1000 after 6 months? 2. Can i change the asset allocation...
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    MF Advice needed

    Hi, I am new to investing and would like some advice on my choice of MF investments. I am 22 years old and thereby, looking to invest in MF investments only, atleast for the next 3-4 years. My current SIP portfolio: HDFC Top 200(G) - Rs.1000 DSPBR Top 100(G) - Rs.1000 Kotak 50(G) -...
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    Best MidCap funds for the present (12-07-2011) US Credit rating Crisis .

    sir, kindly suggest some good Midcap or Small cap funds so that i can make profit in short term. I had a prediction that BSE will soon bounce back 18k to 19k. kindly suggest which benchmark index is best for now.
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    Dear, * I am [email protected] .I retired from my govt job few months back. I am totally new to trading , as I am a doctor ,so got no time for trading .Now I have time & money. * I want to invest some money in MUTUAL FUND sector. SIPS , in Large cap ,Mid cap MFs etc...
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    Hi Guys, I am planning to open a account at to invest in mutual funds. I have heard that there is no brokerage/commission/extra charges to be paid and its completely free. Is anyone here using FundsIndia, if yes please do share your experience here. I am sure many people will...
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    ICICI Direct for Mutual Funds

    Hi Guys, I am planning to invest in Mutual Funds about 5000pm thru SIP. I am about to open a 3in1 Account with ICICI Direct. I know that demat account is not required for Mutual Funds, and they can be brought direct from the Fund House. But I think having a Demat Account will help me keep...
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    Regarding Gold Mutual Funds

    Hi All, I Want to invest 3000 Montly on GOLD through mutual Funds for a tenure of 10 years for my Kids Marriage. I have a Demat account in Reliance Money. I have 2 Questions. 1) What is the difference in ETF Funds and Gold Mutual Funds 2) What are the best funds to invest for Gold Purpose...