1. Blu

    Way to Financial Freedom

    Hello Members, I stumbled upon this forum a week back.I have been a member of many forums all over the world and i must say this forum is among the best i have seen. Today decided to register and start my own thread. I have been trading for 8 years quite successfully. I have shifted to...
  2. jamit_05

    Regular Income From Markets. Risk Free. Takes no Time

    This is an attempt to chalk out a directionless approach to earning from Options. I have worked on a rough template of a method. Will evolve it and make it ready for "full-sized deployment" in due process. Primary Objective: Keep it very simple and hassle free. Rest will follow. :thumb...
  3. E

    iPad Stock/Portfolio monitoring software

    Check out SmartDerivs on the iOS AppStore. It is a free iPad application that will be useful for both traders and investors. Supports following functions: - Portfolio management mode, with real time PNL, including Today's PNL being shown. - Supports both Equities and Equity Derivatives. Full...
  4. intellibitz

    NIFTY 50 future CALLS

    Sell 4900 stop 4950 target 4750
  5. GainsOne

    Nifty future trading.>!!

    This thread is dedicated to trading NIFTY FUTURES.. I m working on a methodology which assures 30 to 40 points on a daily basis with a success rate of anything above 70 %.. I will post all the live trades with a time lag of 2 mins..!! I have also backtested the strategy for quite some time...
  6. T

    Taxes charged on Option Trading

    Dear Friends, I would like to know that how much tax does one pay on one transaction of nifty call/put options? if the broker charges me 0.01 paise one side or 1000 per crore of turnover. how much will I taxes will be charged including all types of taxes on lets say a Nifty 5500 call...
  7. C

    Trading, Earning and Taxation

    Hi there. I have just today joined this blog. I am a retired Software Professional. I am also interested in stock market. Recent past I had developed a good relationship with a stock broker of a good broking house. On his advices, I had traded in futures and option market quite a lot. This...
  8. E

    Hello to all

    To do something in right earnestness is what I believe in. However, it is a challenge to learn if someone returns to stock market investment, especially the commodities market after long years. Does a small NRI investor enjoy the same online trading facilities available for a resident...
  9. N

    Option OI gives good idea on Nifty levels?

    Senior member please correct- According to my knowledge option Open Interest is good tool to analyze nifty levels for near term. If one does OI analysis he can find market trend and also can ascertain trend reversal at earliest. Currently 5950 to 6100 is band for Nifty based on OI analysis.
  10. V

    Need information on option trading

    I am very new to stock Options.I have read some articles about it but still having some confusion.I will be grateful if the senior pros chip in with advises or even some recommendations. Suppose nifty is trading at 5250 level.And i want to buy a call NIFTY 50 for 5300 strike price and...
  11. V

    Info About NCFM exam

    Hi All, I am going to appear for NCFM Financial market : Beginner Module. The pattern for this exam has been changed from 7th jan. Can anyone tell whether there is a lot of difference in the type of questions? Also after taking this module, what should be the next module i should take? Is...
  12. R

    share market is of my interest

    get exciting share market tips by us.....
  13. A

    Am i correct

    Hi Everybody out there, I am a humble learner who wants to ask all you seniors and learned persons to please suggest if my strategy is correct or not and also asking for improvements.[B](BROKERAGE EXCLUDED) THEORATICAL CONSTRUCTION OF MY STRATEGY IS GIVEN...
  14. SavantGarde

    Stock FUTURES To Keep A Close Eye On

    'JAI BABA' Stock Futures (Positional) For 17th Aug 2009 NEW BUY / SELL TRIGGERS & FOLLOW-UP ______________________________________ NAME CMP SIGNAL S/L _______________________________________ AXISBANK 870.10 BUY 855.40 ICICIBANK 744.85 BUY 740.70 IDFC 137.60 BUY...
  15. M

    where to get interest rate, volitality of stock data????!!!

    Please help me, I have read many books on options and am trading equity at present. I want to know from where to get the data relating to the stocks volatility , dividend rate and interest rate which are need for calculation of options. PS. PLEASE DO NOT TELL GO TO nse website as it is a...
  16. A

    FII Flows in derivatives in excel file.

    Hi friends, I am looking for the FII flows in the derivatives seg from 2000. The database on sebi website is on htm and hence i have to enter it in xls,. Before that i just wanted to check if anybody already has it. Thanks a lot for your help. Amit.
  17. aravinthrajm

    Today's nifty levels - aravinth raj m

    Dear visitors, I am posting this new thread for the day traders who do Nifty Futures. Please feel free to post your replies and we can keep this thread growing. NIFTY FUTURE LEVELS FOR 19.05.2009 4268 above 4350-4483-4593-4633-4848-5000. 4267 below 4117-4028-3969-3951-3902-3837-3760...
  18. aravinthrajm

    Nifty future levels for 18.05.2009

    Nifty Future resistnaces for the day - 3727-3760-3820-3840-3950-3970 Supports for the day - 3640-3570-3520-3450-3380-3340 Wild day... Trade safely
  19. aravinthrajm

    Nifty Levels for 15.05.2009

    Nifty Future Levels: 3596 above 3646-3681-3706-3727. 3596 below 3562-3557-3511-3502. Watch out 3727. You can post comments on this levels.
  20. P

    Comparison of different brokers in derivative trading

    Dear Members, Can you please let me know which is the best broker for online derivatives trading? Also, what should be the features to be considered about different online brokers for derivatives trading ? Please share your experience/displeasures if you have any. Thanks.