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    New Brokerage service

    Hi Everyone, Congrats to everyone on a very useful and friendly forum. I am starting a new online brokerage, and would like to get everyone's input on what they would like to have in a new brokerage service, that is not being served, ot get an upgrade. Inputs can range from: 1. Pricing...
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    Nifty Futures always better than Mutual Funds

    One of the best arbitrage kinds of opportunities is available in the Indian capital markets owing to the mispricing of nifty futures. In developed markets, the cost-of-carry is usually linked closely with the prevalent interest rates and the minutest amount of mispricing is quickly captured by...
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    Equity and Derivatives Trading Simulation Software from India

    Hello, A couple of months ago I came accross an article which mentioned that there was a software developed indigenously that allowed 'traders' to test equity and derivatives strategies with simulated data-feeds. The article also mentioned that the software is chosen by IIM Ahmedabad for...