Need information on option trading

I am very new to stock Options.I have read some articles about it but still having some confusion.I will be grateful if the senior pros chip in with advises or even some recommendations.

Suppose nifty is trading at 5250 level.And i want to buy a call NIFTY 50 for 5300 strike price and premium price for it is Rs. 80.My query is that

1. Why it showing 5100,5000 and so on levels in strike price drop down?

and suppose if I buy nifty with strike price of 5200 then in which condition I will be in profit means above which nifty price should i sell those call options to get profit?

How should I come to know that I will be in profit or loss?

2.Now consider the second case,nifty is currently trading at 5250 and want to buy nifty call with strike price 5300 at premium 80 Rs. and expiry is April end.

When should I sell those option to be in profit?

Please helps me.
Thanks in advance

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