Selling or squaring off?

Hey all
I'm new to options trading.
I bought a put option of nifty PE9200 when the nifty was 9900 premium Rs.5
The next day the nifty fell down by 100 points and the premium increased by RSs.1 i.e Rs. 6
I sold it and got profit of 1500 after brokerages and tax
The next i checked my portfolio the profit decreased from 1500 to 1000
Why did this happen if i already had squared off my position ?


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Check your email, or log into back office to see contract notes. If u squared off, it will show in contract notes.
See your Tradebook, holdings.. ask your broker where to find positional holding.

Square off any buy position is not writing that option. If you sell first the option then it's writing. For writing option, u need much higher margin.

U have just started trading,
DERIVATIVE - Financial weapons of mass destruction,
without acquiring minimum knowledge for trading.

You bought Put option of nifty PE9200 few thousand units when the nifty was 9900 premium Rs.. U said 1500 profit with Rs 1 increase So it's minimum 20lots. You don't know how to square off, don't know how to check positions...
You may have bought 1500 units 9200PE @Rs 5 using Rs7500 when nifty 9900and failed to square off in time due to ignorance. But, If Nifty falls 700 pt and closed just below 9200, ur put become just ITM. Instead of profit you'll face 200%+ loss due to extra STT on expiry... That's just the cost of ignorance in derivative trading.
Also, know about 'STT Trap - Options Expiry' before buying and holding cheap otm options for few thousands, search google.
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I have not talked to them yet as I am confused.
So if i sell/square off a otm put option can i incur loss after selling also?
When u r confused, the first thing u must do, to call the broker and square off all the position to avoid multiplying loss unknowingly. Then start chatting, gaining knowledge etc etc. Saving money is 1st preference.

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