First Investment

Do you remember your first investment?

Hello everyone,

I've been in the stock market the past 12 years, as an investor and a franchise owner.

As they say people do not forget their first love, I mean investment...which was SBI back in 2001 purchased at Rs 180 something and sold in 1 month for a profit of Rs 1000

What about you? Do you remember your first investment?

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My first investment is in 1983. Hindustan Reprographis Ltd's IPO. The company was afterwards merged with HCL, then to HCL-HP Ltd, then bifurcated into HCL Auto, etc.,

But my first sale is Alwyn Nissan (sometime in 1983). I was alloted 100 shares in IPO at Rs.10/-. Sold for at about Rs.15/-. with the profit of Rs.500/- bought a VIP suitcase for Rs.450/-, which is still withme.


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