1. S

    Which website offers the best nseindia charts?

    zerodha and other charts freeze after some moment. I would like to know which free/paid website which offers excellent real time NSEINDIA stock charts? It should not freeze even if I open 5 to 10 symbol charts at a time? Thanks Shanthi
  2. A

    I m back

    Hello friends, I have resumed trading after long gap (and losing lots of money 10 yrs back). In my second inning I am going to follow strategy and right sets of tools and technologies. Hope to make this one a profitable stint. My background is IT and data science in particular. I am very...
  3. D

    Website developer required to display quote and chart using EOD data

    I need experienced software developer to develop my site to display daily stock quotes and charts by using EOD data.
  4. S

    Understanding Charts easy way for Beginners

    Hi, After struggling for few days finally I have got few reliable resources from where I started learning about charts. I will put my understanding here in layman's terms.Hope will save some time for beginners who are enthusiastic but getting hard time to get to the starting point. :clap: I...
  5. F

    HDFC Securities: Intraday charts

    Are intraday charts using candlesticks & durations of 15,20, 30 minutes provided on HDFC Securities trading platform? If yes, could anyone kindly post a screenshot or two? Thanks.
  6. M

    technical software

    please let me know any website is providing free intraday live charts. Because I am beginner in this field, I cann't afford for paid charts. thanks, Mullangi
  7. T

    Tool which shows entry / exits points for a stock on a chart

    Hello, I'd like to know if there is a website (mostly a portfolio manager like MC, ET) which can plot the entry and exit points of a stock on a chart. I'd like to visually see when I got into a position and when I exited out of a position. Pls advise.
  8. U

    Historical intraday charts

    Hi ppl, Can someone please tell me in where I can find historical intraday charts for bse scrips? Don't mind if it's not free. Thanks!
  9. A

    Charts consistency

    Hi Team, At times I find the candles in the charts are not consistent and are very scattered. Please help me understand the reason for such a formation. I checked, volume doesn't seem to be the factor as many have good volume but the form inconsistent candles. Please help.
  10. D

    ANGEL SpeedPro - Intraday Charts

    Can anyone tell me whether it is possible to view more than 4 days of intraday data in the charts on Speed Pro? :confused: The preferences options in Speedpro lets you set no. of intraday data at 25 but the software still displays data for last 4 days only :confused:
  11. T

    Problems in Commodity daily charts in Trade Tiger , Please Help

    Hi All, I have this problem while seeing the daily charts of commodities in TradeTiger. I will explain with an example. I am viewing the daily chart of Silvermic Feb 2013 contract , when i see the candle for any day in novermber lets say nov 29 in the chart of silvermic-feb-2013 contract, the...
  12. A

    AceCharts - new charting software

    AceCharts is a new charting software. Its salient features are as below: Supports seamless EOD and Intraday timeframes on the same chart Mixed database allows EOD and RT data into the same database Store multiple exchange data in a single databse in organized manner and reduce symbol...
  13. G

    Intraday charting

    hi guys plz let me know where should i get free day charts[intraday] for commodities for study and if possible with technical indicators available for study..? thx in advance
  14. K

    Need help in deciding important features of the free stock related website I'm workin

    Hi there, I have been working on some software that can predict market in realtime. While this is still under construction, I have gained lot of knowledge in recent past, and want to create a free website using this knowledge (definitely, not something that can compete with software I'm...
  15. M

    Intraday Real Time Chart problem

    Dear Friends, Indicators showing so late .. I am puzzled how to show indicators on Intraday chart from beginning. I mean, when market opens I open the chart - at 9.15 a.m.. but no indicators are visible on chart till late, not even EMI (5) on a One-minute chart. Indicators start getting visible...
  16. G

    Charts ?

    What is the best online charts available for free for Indian stocks?
  17. K

    Fine Tuning Trading...

    Hello Everybody... Lets fine-tune our tradings.... Generally i follow a v.simple approach based on Candle-Stick Patterns, Vol. Movement & Support and Resistance Levels.... Here is the chart of Aarti Industries I entered this stock on 24-01-2011 @ 58.98( i add brokerage and charges to the...
  18. H

    Free Software for Nifty Online Charting

    Download the world's best software for live charts of Nifty, commodities & currencies @ Happy Trading!
  19. sdalal

    Dow-The coming days effect.

    Dow Last close is 10002.It have broken is 9975 support in intraday,good thing was it closes above that level. Daily chart suggest that here from now it can touch 10220,which is the immediate resistance.But on chart it is trading below the medium term upper trend.which means it is negative...
  20. R

    CandleStick Charts??? what are they

    hey can any body tell me in detail how to study the candle stick charts for intraday trading....